Business Licenses

Applications are not considered complete until all required documents and payment have been received.

Application Type Description Annual Fee
Arborist License to engage in tree planting, pruning, fertilization, spraying, removal, or other tree maintenance activities for payment or other compensation within the Williston city limits. $100
Auctioneer License to pursue the business of any auctioneer or to sell goods or property at auction. $50 Initial fee; $25 annual renewal fee
Bulk Storage of Flammable Liquids and Hazardous Materials Facilities with chemicals in quantities that equal or exceed the following thresholds must report: 1) For Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS), either 500 pounds or the Threshold Planning Quantity (TPQ), whichever is lower;  2) For Flammable Liquids, stationary fuel storage of 60 gallons or greater that dispense flammable and/or combustible liquids; and 3) For all other Hazardous chemicals: 5,000 lbs. $250 for each facility location
Door to Door Sales Door to door sales, telephone sales, and certain charitable & religious solicitations where payments or deposits are made. Contact the Auditor's Office for further information.  No permit is required for political canvassing. $35 per day, per person
Farmer's Market, Flea Market, Carnival, Circus, etc. License for any merchant or vendor to engage in such business for a farmers market, flea market, fair, carnival, circus, or any other similar activity within the City. $100 per year or $35 per day, 14 days maximum per year
Fortunetelling License to practice or engage in the business or profession of astrology, palmistry, clairvoyancy, mesmerism, spiritualism, mind reading, phrenology or fortunetelling in the City. $300
Frozen Dessert Vendor Use of an ice cream truck to conduct frozen dessert vending including pre-packaged or pre-wrapped ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen custard, frozen or soft serve dairy products, or similar frozen dessert products. $500
House Mover License for moving houses and buildings of any kind or nature whatsoever for compensation or hire, who is not the owner or the tenant/ lessee by consent of the owner of the building. $25
Pawn Shop Any person who loans money on deposit or pledge of personal property or who deals in the purchase of tangible personal property, on condition of selling the property back again at a stipulated price or who loans money secured by tangible personal property, by taking possession of the property or any part thereof so mortgaged or, who in combination with the above practice, buys used property for the purpose of sale. $50
Pesticide Applicator Engaging in the business of the application of pesticides with ground equipment or aircraft. $65
Pet Shop / Kennel / Groomer Establishment for the raising, training, boarding, or selling of dogs, cats, birds, mice, rats, or other small animals for hire or profit, or where more than two dogs or cats are harbored or kept. $25
Vehicle for Hire Business (Taxi, Limo, etc.) Any vehicle engaged in carrying passengers for profit and not involved in interstate travel with trips originating, ending or traversing City limits. $250 per vehicle
Vehicle for Hire Driver Any driver of a taxi, limousine or other vehicle for hire. No Fee
Tobacco Product Sales Engaging in the retail sale and/or dispensing of tobacco products, electronic smoking devices, or alternative nicotine products . $100 per location; $35 per vending machine
Waste Hauler Garbage, rubbish and refuse collection and disposal. $75