Doing Business

Why Williston:

With the extensive investment in infrastructure the community has now shifted from a boom to a business model and is ripe for primary, secondary, and tertiary sector development.  An aggressive 5-year infrastructure master plan is currently underway in the City of Williston that comes with a 1-Billion dollar price tag.  

•    Projected additional housing unit demand of 15,400 by 2020
•    Projected population increase of 26,000 additional residents by 2020  

Between 2010 and 2014 the City of Williston tripled in size growing from 4,781 acres to 14,167 acres.  This growth is driving significant capital and operational needs for the city.
Capital Improvements Summary by 2020
•    Transportation Improvements - $470-Million
•    Wastewater Upgrades - $126-Million
•    Water Upgrades - $52-Million
•    Stormwater Improvements - $35-Million
•    Solid Waste Improvements - $15-Million
•    Airport Relocation and Expansion - $240-Million
•    Public Buildings Expansions - $113-Million
Source: AE2S Capital Improvements Study January 2015
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