Asbestos Control Program

Building Safety

Federal and State regulations require that:
  1. All affected parts of a facility being renovated or demolished must be inspected by a state certified inspector for the presence of asbestos-containing materials prior to beginning a renovation or demolition project.
  2. All regulated asbestos-containing material that will be disturbed as a renovation or demolition must be properly removed by state certified individuals before beginning the project.
  3. All asbestos-containing waste material must be properly disposed of in an approved landfill.
  4. The "Notification of Demolition and Renovation" form must be submitted to the North Dakota Department of Health 10 days prior to beginning and demolition activity, whether or not asbestos is present.

For a renovation activity, it must be submitted 10 days prior to beginning the removal if more than 160 square feet of asbestos-containing surfacing material or more than 260 linear feet of asbestos-containing thermal system insulation will be disturbed.

For more information, applications and forms, please visit North Dakota Department of Health Asbestos Control Information.