1001 to 1100

Ordinance Number Description Approval Date
1001 Adding administration fee to penalties regarding lawn mowing. 9/9/2014
1002 Amending junk ordinances. 9/9/2014
1003 Raising fee for parking tickets. 9/9/2014
1004 Temporary moratorium for metal buildings downtown. 11/26/2014
1005 Superseded with Ordinance 1006.
1006 Amending building provisions, penalties and violation of stop work orders. 12/19/2014
1007 Clarifies landscaping for existing lots and the installation timeline for landscaping and street trees. 1/23/2015
1008 Not adopted.
1009 Modifying signage allowances. 3/2/2015
1010 Modifying signage requirements in the R2 Zone - sign limitations. 2/24/2015
1011 Modifying signage allowance in various zones and adding requirements for allowable temporary 'for lease' signage in those zones. 2/24/2015
1012 Driving without liability insurance. 1/27/2015
1013 Regulation of pawnbrokers - the records and information that pawnbrokers must keep and how long property must be held. 1/27/2015
1014 Adopting the provisions of the International Fire Code and its appendices. 3/10/2015
1015 Creating standards for sidewalks adjacent to roads in association with the Trails Plan within the city. 3/24/2015
1016 Allowing smaller district sizes where transition areas are indicated by the city Comprehensive Plan. 3/24/2015
1017 Expanding the ETJ (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) of the city. 5/26/2015
1018 To include and extend the city building code, fire code, subdivision regulations, stormwater regulations, and city policy governing workforce housing facilities to the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the city. 5/26/2015
1019 Creating guidelines for frozen dessert vending. 6/9/2015
1020 Creating a temporary charitable or civic event alcoholic beverage permit. 7/28/2015
1021 Temporary moratorium on tents. 8/11/2015
1022 Sale of alcohol on Sunday. 8/25/2015
1023 Adopting the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). 8/25/2015
1024 Not adopted.
1025 Regarding downtown building material - to prohibit the construction of buildings inconsistent with the Downtown Plan, and to create a Downtown Design Review Board.. 11/24/2015
1026 Amending temporary workforce housing. 11/24/2015
1027 Not adopted.
1028 Amending sign regulations. 12/13/2016
1029 Driving without liability insurance. 10/27/2015
1030 Retained appointive officers - adding a City Administrator and Human Resources Director. 11/24/2015
1031 Adding fabric structures to M1: Light Industrial, and M2: Heavy Industrial zones. 1/26/2016
1032 Amending zoning ordinance governing adult establishments and repealing ordinance 936. 1/26/2016
1033 Temporary moratorium on temporary workforce housing facilities. 12/8/2015
1034 Amending Entertainment and Live Performances upon Alcoholic Beverage licensed premises. 1/26/2016
1035 Governing Adult Cabarets and repealing ordinance 571. 1/26/2016
1036 Adding Section 24.1, Municipal Airport (MA) District to Ordinance 613, otherwise known as the Zoning Ordinance of the city. 4/24/2018
1037 Withdrawn by Applicant.
1038 Denied.
1039 Re-reading of ordinance 971 to correct wording error. 1/26/2016
1040 Creating a Beer & Wine alcoholic beverage license. 2/23/2016
1041 Updating standards for alleys and allowing public access easements as alleys. 3/8/2016
1042 Denied.
1043 Regarding sidewalk cafe's / outdoor dining. 5/24/2016
1044 Creating microbrew pub, brewer taproom, domestic distillery and domestic winery alcoholic beverage licenses. 6/13/2017
1045 Amending games of chance. 4/25/2017
1046 Denied.
1047 Adding vehicle headlights to Section 10-141. 4/11/2017
1048 Amends ordinance 999 to allow Temporary Use Permits in M2 zones. 7/12/2016
1049 Regarding special event and private group permits, and the annual term of alcoholic beverage licenses. 4/25/2017
1050 Regarding workforce housing facilities. 8/23/2016
1051 Adding a City Administrator as a retained appointive officer. 9/13/2016
1052 Creating a downtown district design review board. 11/8/2016
1053 Not adopted.
1054 Amending the weed and mowing control program. 12/27/2016
1055 Amend the ordinance governing the duty to remove snow by moving it from Chapter 20 to Chapter 5, abolish the sections in Chapter 20, and amend the ordinance concerning the duties of propery owners. 12/27/2016
1056 Superseded with Ordinance 1059.
1057 Prohibiting the use of wireless communication devices while driving a motor vehicle.  (Texting while driving). 6/20/2017
1058 Regarding wireless communication facilities - Distributed Antenna System (DAS), small cell, and macrocell towers and antennas; and authorinzing an administrative review board. 6/13/2017
1059 Creating a tobacco sales business license. 3/16/2017
1060 Adding zoning district Highway Corridor Commercial (HCC) to the zoning ordinance. 4/25/2017
1061 Amending temporary uses and structures in the zoning ordinance. 4/25/2017
1062 Amending general sign regulations and adding the zoning district Highway Corridor Commercial (HCC). 5/23/2017
1063 Regarding airport parking rules and regulations, and penalties for violations. 6/13/2017
1064 Amending the Victim Impact Fee. 6/13/2017
1065 Temporary uses and structures - seasonal greenhouses. 8/8/2017
1066 Denied.
1067 Vehicles for hire (the 'taxi' ordinance) - establishing guidelines and procedures regarding handicapped accessible vehicles; and modifying insurance requirements and off street parking regulations. 8/22/2017
1068 Amending penalties for littering. 8/22/2017
1069 Establishing an exception to the keeping of registered pit bulls. 10/24/2017
1070 Establishing issuance and transfer fees for alcoholic beverage licenses by means of Resolution.. 11/14/2017
1071 Extending the 1% city sales tax to June 2030. 11/28/2017
1072 Granting Midcontinent Communications a nonexclusive cable franchise. 11/28/2017
1073 Prohibiting mobile food vendors and carry-out food facilities; and establishing criteria and permitting process for beverage kiosks. 1/23/2018
1074 Amending fireworks to allow the use of fireworks on New Year's Eve. 1/23/2018
1075 Adding Section 20.E.5 Compassion Center - Distributor, Section 21.E.7 Compassion Center - Distributor, Section 21.1.E.8 Compassion Center - Distributor, and Section 23.E.1 Compassion Center - Grower to Ordinance 613, otherwise known as the Zoning Ordinance; and adding Compassion Center Distributor as a Special Permitted Use to Section 20-C-2: General Commercial, Section 21-C-3: Restricted Commercial, and Section 21.1 HCC Highway Corridor Commercial District; and adding Compassion Center - Grower as a Special Permitted Use to Section 23-M-2: Heavy Industrial. 3/13/2018
1076 In process.
1077 Regarding headlamps on a motor vehicle. 2/27/2018
1078 Denied. 3/13/2018
1079 Amending maximum lot coverage by buildings in the R-1 Single Family Residential District to allow for a greater maximum lot coverage by buildings. 9/25/2018
1080 In process.
1081 Amending Chapter 4 - Animals and Fowl by repealing Article I, Article, II, Article IV and Article V and replacing them in their entirety, as set out below, and repealing Article III, to incorporate the regulation of animal foster care and increase the days of animal impoundment. 8/28/2018
1082 Amending Ordinance 574, Subdivision Regulations, updating Sections 1 through 9, adding new subdivision definitions and clarifying the approval process for any subdivision. 6/26/2018
1083 Adding Section 20-2 - adding regulations for mobile food trucks to permitted uses of streets, sidewalks, alleys or public grounds. 7/10/2018
1084 Amending Zoning ordinances to modify Section 25.Q to allow and regulate mobile food trucks. 7/10/2018
1085 Regarding the control of grass and noxious weeds. 6/26/2018
1086 Amending Section 20-2 of Article I, Chapter 20 to add regulations regarding permitted uses of sidewalks. 9/11/2018
1087 Modifying guidelines for frozen desert vending within the city. 9/11/2018
1088 Allowing the city fire chief and chief of police to approve fireworks permits administered by the auditor's office. 8/28/2018
1089 Regarding fences, hedges and visibility at the intersection of streets to change the visibility triangle from 30 feet to 25 feet. 9/25/2018
1090 Amending minimum front yard requirements to increase the front yard requirements to 25 feet for the construction of garages on new residential development and changing the setback for a  garage entered at a right angle from an alley to 25 feet. 9/25/2018
1091 Amending penalties for fireworks violations. 8/28/2018
1092 Moderizing and correcting various sections of the Zoning Ordinance . 12/11/2018
1093 Amending and replacing, in its entirety, Chapter 3 - Alcoholic Beverages. 2/12/2019
1094 Updating Section 25.W regarding telecommunication devices to change the review timeframes of Collacation and New Site or Tower Applications for Small Cells. 1/22/2019
1095 Updating Section 4.B of Ordinance 1083 subdivision administrative review requirements to allow a split of one lot into two lots in residential zones. 1/22/2019
1096 In process.
1097 Amending Section 16-25 allowing the city of Williston Police Department authority to utilize a key lock box (Knox Box) for emergency situations. 1/8/2019
1098 Amending Chapter 21 regarding Vehicles for Hire penalties for class B misdemeanors. 1/22/2019
1099 Amending Chapter 10, Article IX governing the penalty for truck route violations. 3/12/2019
1100 Governing the regulation of pit bulls in the city limits. 2/26/2019