2018 Resolutions

Resolution Number Description District #, if applicable Approval Date
18-001 through 18-007 Street Improvement District 18-2 resolutions and declaration of official intent. D18-2 2/13/2018
18-009 through 18-013 Water, Sewer & Street Improvement District 18-3 resolutions and declaration of official intent. D18-3 3/13/2018
18-008 As to protests on proposed Street Improvement District 18-2. D18-2 3/27/2018
18-014 Approving detailed plans and specifications for construction for District 18-3. D18-3 3/27/2018
18-015 Ordering advertisment for a construction bid for District 18-3. D18-3 3/27/2018
18-016 As to protests on proposed Water, Sewer and Street Improvement District 18-3. D18-3 4/24/2018
18-017 Establishing fee pertaining to dog and cat licenses, animal impound, pet shops & kennels. 8/28/2018
18-018 Not adopted.
18-019 Amending Water, Sewer and Street Improvement District 15-3. D15-3 5/10/2018
18-020 Airport Revenue Bonds of 2018 Consisting of USDA Loans, Public Safety Sales Bonds and Sales Tax Bonds. 5/22/2018
18-021 Establishing a Foreign Trade Zone
18-022 Updating Planning & Zoning fees in order to cover the cost of processing applications, advertising for and holding public hearings and other expenses incidental to the approval of subdivisions, planned unit developments, land use amendments, zone changes, special use permits, variances, and right-of-way vacations. 6/26/2018
18-023 To establish initial and annual licensing fees in regard to mobile food trucks. 6/26/2018
18-024 Appropriation & Levy for the 2019 Budget. 9/25/2018
18-025 Vacation of alley L1, B3 and L2, B2 Creekside Ridge Subdivision. 7/24/2018
18-026 Regarding assurance of release of lien with amendment to Developer Agreement for Hawkeye Village. 8/28/2018
18-027 Authorizing the issuance of $1,500,000 Revenue Note, Series 2018A. 8/28/2018
18-028 Not adopted.
18-029 Not adopted.
18-030 Authorizing the issuance of $11,100,000 County-wide publice safety sales tax revenue bonds, Series 2018A and $910,000 County-wide taxable public safety sales tax revenue bonds, Series 2018A-T (Parameters Resolution). 11/13/2018
18-031 Pledging and dedicating 75% of the 1% Sales and Use Tax of the city to Williston Basin International Airport (XWA) Revenue Fund. 11/13/2018
18-032 Authorizing the issuance of up to $60,000,000 Airport Revenue Bonds (City Infrastructure Sales Tax) (Non-AMT), Series 2018 (Parameters). 11/13/2018
18-033 Establishing Alcoholic Beverage License Initiation and Annual Fees.
18-034 Resolution Authorizing Agreement (WAWSA) for Drinking Water State Revolving Fund loan (SRF Loan) not to exceed $16,500,000 for the purpose of making improvements to its water supply and distribution system to include increasing capacity to existing and future users, constructing a two million gallon regional storage reservoir, expanding the Williston Regional Water Treatment Plant, and adding additional users. 11/27/2018
18-035 Establishing Williston CCC  (Complete Count Committee) for the 2020 Census. 12/11/2018
18-036 Transitioning alcoholic beverage license types.