501 to 600

Ordinance Number Description Approval Date
501 Relating to the registration of motor vehicles and the display of number plates and tabs thereon. 7/22/1975
502 Appropriation & Levy for the fiscal year 1975-1976 Budget. 9/9/1975
503 Regulations for attendance and leave, enumerating holidays and providing for incentive pay increases for the employees of the city. 9/9/1975
504 Deleting Ordinance 222, also known as Chapter 13, pertaining to milk and milk products. 9/23/1975
505 Raising the license fees for journeyman and master plumbers. 9/23/1975
506 Increasing the inspection fees for bulk storage of flammable liquids. 9/23/1975
507 Defining parcel deliveries and dray lines, requiring licenses for parcel deliveries and dray lines, providing for the regulation and inspection thereof, providing for fees and licenses to be issued, providing for insurance for all licensed vehicles and providing penalties for violation hereof. 9/23/1975
508 Alcoholic beverages - raising the annual license fees for retail sales and adding the specialty restaurant beer license. 9/23/1975
509 Raising auctioneer's license fee. 9/23/1975
510 Not adopted.
511 Raising the fee for pesticide applicator permits. 10/28/1975
512 Raising the fee for solicitor and transient merchant permits. 10/28/1975
513 Making it unlawful to operate a snowmobile upon private property within the corporate limits of the city and requiring an identification number on each side of the snowmobile. 11/12/1975
514 Amend Section 23.10 relating to the construction of curb and gutter, sidewalks and driveways in the city. 2/24/1976
515 Territorial authority of zoning regulations:  the jurisdiction of the Planning and Zoning Commissions shall be extended up to one mile in any directions from the present city limits. 1/13/1976
516 Amending Section 3.42, Alcoholic Beverages - restrictions of the purpose of room or premises for retail licenses. 2/24/1976
517 Amending building permit fees. 3/9/1976
518 Regulation of keeping of dogs and cats. 4/13/1976
519 Authorizing specialty restaurant beer licenses subject to certain restrictions. 4/13/1976
520 Annexation of eight acres. 6/22/1976
521 Amending and replacing Chapter 14 - Motor Vehicles and Traffic. 7/27/1976
522 Appropriations and Levy for the fiscal year 1976-1977 Budget. 8/24/1976
523 Changing the rates and charges for the service of the water utility. 9/21/1976
524 Relating to certain charges for cemetery lots and services rendered and establishing a new charge for sale of lots and services. 9/28/1976
525 Prohibiting the sale or possession of marijuana, prohibiting any person permitting use of premises for smoking marijuana, prohibiting resorting to places of use of marijuana, prohibiting possession of paraphernalia for smoking, injecting, etc., marijuana, cocaine, etc., and providing penalties for violations. 11/9/1976
526 Fees to be charged for the collection and disposal of garbage. 11/9/1976
527 Amending Chapter 14 - Motor Vehicles and Traffic regulating the operation, stopping, parking and licensing of motor vehicles, including motorcycles and bicycles, and governing the use of streets, avenues, boulevards and alleys by such vehicles and pedestrians, and providing penalties for violations. 11/23/1976
528 Not adopted.
529 Establishing an official Master Plan for the city and requiring the city auditor to file for record with the register of deeds of Williams County a certificate showing establishment of an official Master Plan. 12/14/1976
530 Increasing the charges to be paid for impounding any dog from $10.00 to $25.00. 3/22/1977
531 Establishing an official Master Plan or Comprehensive Plan of the city. 7/26/1977
532 Substituting Burlington Northern, Inc. in place of Great Northern Railway Company, and granting to Burlington Northern, Inc. the right to construct, operate and maintain a spur track line of railroad along and across First Street and Fourth Avenue West in the city. 7/12/1977
533 Appropriation & Levy for the fiscal year 1977-1978 Budget. 9/13/1977
534 Limiting the reconstruction of Main Street between 6th Street and 11th Street to prevent the establishment of 4 traffic lanes; to prevent the elimination of a parking lane on each side of said street; maintain said street for 2 lane traffic with curb, boulevard, sidewalk, and parking lane on each side of said street between 6th Street and 11th Street. 8/23/1977
535 To provide for the taking, storage, and disposal of bicycles abandoned or left unclaimed upon the streets, alleys, or other public ways of the city. 9/13/1977
536 Allowing "office buildings" in C-3 Districts or Highway Commercial Districts. 10/11/1977
537 Providing for the granting of alcoholic beverage permit for special events. 2/14/1978
538 Establishing boundaries of the number of wards in the city, and repealing ordinance conflicting herewith. 5/23/1978
539 Amending Chapter 21, Ordinance 345, entitled Riverview Cemetery, by including Hillside Memory Gardens in said ordinance. 7/25/1978
540 Charges for connection to the city sanitary sewer system by assessing a sewer availability charge and establishing fees, defining 'service unit,' and providing for administration of this ordinance. 7/25/1978
541 Charges for connection to the city water distribution system by assessing a water availability charge and establishing fees, defining 'service unit,' and providing for administration of this ordinance. 7/25/1978
542 Appropriation & Levy for the fiscal year 1978-1979 Budget. 8/22/1978
543 Establishing a municipal garbage and refuse collection and disposal system for the city. 8/22/1978
544 Amending the subdivision regulations of the city, providing for the regulation of the subdivision of land in the city and unincorporated territory located within the territorial jurisdiction of the Planning Commission. 11/28/1978
545 Amending regulations for M-3 Districts or Industrial Park Districts. 11/28/1978
546 Building Code - regulations governing the construction, alteration, removal, demolition, equipment, use and occupancy, location and maintenance of buildings and structures. 3/27/1979
547 Water utility rates. 3/27/1979
548 Increasing the water availability charge from $100.00 to $200.00 per service unit. 4/24/1979
549 Not adopted.
550 Repeal and replace of Chapter 3 - Alcoholic Beverages. 8/28/1979
551 To provide for the giving of notice by publication in all cases of conveyance, sale, lease or disposal of real property owned by the city. 8/8/1979
552 Regulating the storage and accumulation of junk, trash, rubbish and building materials, prohibiting the maintenance of blighted structures, and providing a penalty for violations. 4/8/1980
553 Amending the Building Code by allowing monolithic concrete slab floors for pre-engineered buildings, and providing regulations for the design, supervision, administration and enforcement thereof. 6/10/1980
554 Restrictions and prohibited uses of water during emergencies and providing penalties for violations. 6/10/1980
555 Allowing certain townhouse or row house development and structures to be built as a conditional use within the R-3 or R-4 District Regulations, and providing for certain conditions and safeguards that are necessary in the interests of public health, safety and welfare before permitting such townhouse or row house development. 8/26/1980
556 Regulations for P-1 Districts or Planned Unit Development Districts in the city. 6/24/1980
557 Prohibiting sidewalk sales in general within the city, providing for a special license for city-wide promotion, providing regulations and inspections, and imposing a penalty for violations. 6/24/1980
558 Adopting the state Building Code. 6/24/1980
559 Pertaining to drilling for and productions of oil and natural gas within the corporate limits of the city. 10/25/1983
560 Adopting a new Code of Ordinances. 10/14/1980
561 Regulation and licensing of emergency alarm systems. 10/28/1980
562 Establishing a Fair Housing ordinance regulating for fair housing with purpose and declaration of policy and definition of unlawful housing practices, creation of a Fair Housing Board and providing for filing of complaints and enforcement and providing a penalty for violations thereof. 10/28/1980
563 Placement of mobile home dwellings on individually owned lots. 2/10/1981
564 Territorial authority of zoning regulations:  extending the area covered by the zoning regulations; creating an interim zoning district; and providing a penalty for violations. 1/27/1981
565 Prohibition of parking of motorized vehicles during the removal of snow and ice from city streets, during the cleaning of city streets and during the time of the marking of city streets for traffic purposes. 1/27/1981
566 Amending building permit fees. 2/24/81
567 Regulating the planting, maintenance, and removal of trees in the public streets, parks, and other city-owned property; establishing a shade tree committee as an advisory board; establishing the office of a city forester as the agency prescribing regulations relating to the planting, maintenance and removal of trees in public places; providing for the pruning and removal of trees on private property which endanger property and public safety. 3/10/1981
568 Providing for a maximum penalty for violations of shoplifting, vandalism, criminal mischief, or malicious mischief. 3/10/1981
569 Not adopted.
570 Pertaining to variances of the zoning ordinance. 4/1/1981
571 To provide for the licensing of adult entertainment centers and associated mechanical amusement devices, and to provide for a penalty for failure to license. 4/1/1981
572 Providing for a maximum length of a townhouse or row house structure. 4/28/1981
573 Amend zoning ordinance number 352 in order to define adult entertainment center and other related terms and to provide that adult entertainment centers be restricted to locations within the M-2 Heavy Industrial Zone under certain conditions and limitations. 5/12/1981
574 Replacing ordinance number 544, known as the Subvision Regulations of the city. 6/9/1981
575 Amending ordinance 352 of the Zoning Ordinance by changing the length of time notice of the time and place of public hearings shall be published in the official newspaper of the city. 5/26/1981
576 Levying ad valorem taxes for the payment of a portion of the cost of the improvements in Street Watermain and Sewer Improvement District #29 and Street Lighting District #30. 6/23/1987
577 Amending Chapter 10, Article X of the Code of Ordinances, entitled 'stopping, standing and parking' by replacing it in its entirety with new provisions and providing a penalty for violations thereof. 1/26/1982
578 Relating to certain charges for cemetery lots and services rendered and establishing a new charge for sale of lots and services. 6/23/1981
579 Pertaining to alcoholic beverages, by changing the annual license fee for On and Off Sale liquor licenses. 6/23/1981
580 Zoning - establishing minimum area regulations for lots not served by a water supply system and a wastewater treatment plant. 8/11/1981
581 Changing minimum off-street parking requirements for dwellings. 7/28/1981
582 Changing minimum setback requirements, buffer zone requirements, and fence requirements in M-3, Industrial Park Districts. 7/28/1981
583 Regulating certain air activity at Sloulin Field International Airport, including definitions, establishment of landing fees and charges, provisions for security deposit, and providing a penalty for violations thereof. 7/28/1981
584 Amending Ordinance 551 by eliminating the word 'lease' from Line 2 of Subsection 3 of Section 2. 8/25/1981
585 Not codified.
586 Requiring valid liability insurance for all motor vehicles driven within that city and providing a penalty for violations. 10/15/1981
587 Restricting aircraft and parachute landing within the city and providing a penalty for violations. 12/22/1981
588 Requiring permits for parades, assemblies and demonstrations. 11/24/1981
589 Territorial authority of zoning regulations:  extending the area covered by the zoning regulations. 1/26/1982
590 Granting a nonexclusive franchise to Charles Scofield for television and cable distribution. 3/23/1982
591 Deleting the requirement that snowmobiles be registered with the city auditor and requiring snowmobiles to be registered with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles for the state of North Dakota. 3/23/1982
592 Alcoholic beverages - adopting a miminum penalty for violations by persons under 21 years of age and providing for referral to addiction facilities. 3/23/1982
593 Zoning Ordinance 352, deleting and replacing Section 10, regulations for R-2 Districts or one- and two-family dwelling districts and Section 21 Subsection A, off-street parking and unloading regulations and amending Section 4, definitions. 4/27/1982
594 Establishing the procedure for determining equitable service charges to be levied on all users which discharge wastewater to the wastewater system operated by the city, and providing certain prohibitions. 5/11/1982
595 Regulating the use of public and private sewers and drains, private wastewater disposal, the installation and connection of sanitary and building sewers, and the discharge of waters and wastes into the public sewer system:  and providing penalties for violation thereof. 5/11/1982
596 Establishing a charge for turning off water, requiring a deposit fee for water connections, providing for owner's continuing liability for payment of charges furnished to non-owners, authorizing the director of public works to provide agreements for requesting untility services from the city, providing a duty of users to allow water meter reading, limiting persons who may turn on or shut off water hook ups, and providing a penalty for violations. 5/11/1982
597 Regulating solicitations for charitable, religious, patriotic, philanthropic and other purposes; requiring registration of those engaged in solicitation; prohibiting solicitations by false or fraudulent statements; and providing penalties for the violation of this ordinance. 5/25/1982
598 Adopting the introduction and development framework element of the Development Guide for the city. 5/25/1982
599 Regulating the design and construction of metal buildings in the city. 5/25/1982
600 Amend Chapter 3 Alcoholic Beverages to eliminate the population restriction as it relates to a limitation in the number of specialty restaurant beer licenses. 6/8/1982