601 to 700

Ordinance Number Description Approval Date
601 Providing for an increase in the coins payable in parking meter zones. 6/8/1982
602 Allowing townhouse or row house development by altering the requirements for townhouse and row house structures. 5/25/1982
603 Adding a street cleaning program with limitations on parking at certain times and days. 7/27/1982
604 Changing the rates and charges for the service of the water utility. 6/29/1982
605 Defining, regulating and licensing of transient merchants, itinerant merchants and itinerant vendors, and  providing for penalties for violations. 9/28/1982
606 Streets & Sidewalks - providing the city authority to acquire soil compaction testing, adopting signing regulations, placing minimum amounts of liability insurance requirements, and adopting a requirement for performance bonds. 8/10/1982
607 Levying ad valorem taxes for the payment of a portion of the cost of the improvements in Street Improvement District No. 48. 10/26/1982
608 Transient merchants - amending Ordinance 605 by exempting the sale of agricultural products within the city by residents of Williams County. 11/9/1982
609 Regarding house moving. 3/25/1983
610 Establishing the offense of "peeping person." 12/14/1982
611 Prohibiting the reproduction or alteration of an operator's or driver's license or permit or facsimile thereof, and providing for penalties for violations. 4/26/1983
612 Prohibiting the operation of a motor vehicle in violation of restrictions and providing for a penalty of violation thereof. 4/26/1983
613 Amending and replacing Ordinance 352, also known as the Zoning Ordinace of the City of Williston, establishing comprehensive zoning regulations for the city and unincorporated territory located within one mile of the city limits, and providing for the administration, enforcement, and amendment thereof, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 40-47 of the North Dakota Century Code, and for the repeal of all ordinances in conflict herewith. 7/12/1983
614 Adopting the Future Land Use Plan for the Development Guide for the city. 5/10/1983
615 Adopting the Street System Plan of the Development Guide for the city. 5/10/1983
616 Adopting the Uniform Fire Code and Uniform Fire Code Standards prescribing regulations governing conditions hazardous to life and property from fire or explosion, providing for the issuance of permits for hazardous uses or operations, and establishing a Bureau of Fire Prevention and providing officers therefor and defining their powers and duties. 4/26/1983
617 Clarifying sections of Chapter 10, Article X, dealing with motor vehicles and traffic. 5/10/1983
618 Amending Ordinance 574, the Subdivision Regulations of the city, changing the requirements for dedication of public sites and open spaces. 6/14/1983
619 Amending the alcoholic beverages ordinance to allow for permits for consumption of alcoholic beverages in a commercial bowling facility. 6/28/1983
620 Amending certain prior ordinances which pertain to both the driving with a suspended license laws and driving while intoxicated laws of the city. 6/28/1983
621 Create and enact a penalty for failure to use a child restraint device. 6/28/1983
622 Defining imitation controlled substances, providing for a means of identifying them and imposing a penalty for violations. 6/28/1983
623 Levying ad valorem taxes for the payment of a portion of the cost of the improvements in Street Improvement District No. 42. 9/27/1983
624 Removing the restriction of reconstruction on Main Street between 6th Street and 11th Street. 9/27/1983
625 Adopting regulations regarding tampering with the water system of the city including pipes, meters, valves and wires, and adding a penalty for violation thereof. 11/15/1983
626 Providing for restrictions to prevent refuse or garbage from falling from vehicles or containers while in transit to the city landfill, either within or without the city limits, defining a 'covered vehicle or container,' prohibiting the deposit of garbage or refuse on streets, alleys, or other public areas within the city limits, and providing for a penalty for violations thereof. 1/24/1984
627 Relating to certain charges for cemetery lots and services rendered and establishing a new charge for sale of lots and services. 1/24/1984
628 Pertaining to the regulation or restriction of the operation of alcoholic beverage licenses. 2/28/1984
629 Providing that landscaping and/or seeding of grass be completed within a period of 12 months from the date of the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy for any residential or commercial use. 3/27/1984
630 Providing for the placement of remote reading units for water meters on the exterior of the building serviced. 5/8/1984
631 Amending Chapter 13, Pawn Brokers, providing for the licensing and regulation of the business upon brokerage so as attempts to dispose of stolen property through pawn brokers and to aid in the apprehension of these and receivers of stolen property. 5/22/1984
632 Future Land Use Plan for the Development Guide of the city. 5/8/1984
633 Providing that auto dealerships be included as conditional uses in the restricted commercial district. 5/8/1984
634 Establishing a city weed control program by requiring the destruction of noxious weeds by landowners, providing upon their non-compliance for the city to cut or destroy such noxious weeds, and collect the cost thereof by assessment against the property of the owner. 5/22/1984
635 Providing that convenience grocery stores with gas pumps be included as conditional uses in the neighborhood commercial district. 7/10/1984
636 Altering boundaries of the wards and precincts in the city. 8/14/1984
637 Not adopted.
638 Adopting the Public Facilities and Services Plan of the Development Guide for the city. 10/23/1984
639 Providing for setback requirements and other considerations for open-lattice enclosed fire escapes, fireproof outside stairways, balconies opening upon fire towers, the ordinary projections of chimneys and flues, decks and porches. 12/11/1984
640 Pertaining to the theft of property or services law of the city. 2/12/1985
641 Providing for the taking, storage, and disposal of any personal property except motor vehicles abandoned or left unclaimed upon the streets, alleys, or public ways on property of the city. 2/12/1985
642 Providing for the disposal of dead animals, the licensing of dogs and cats and kennels with fees to be established by resolution, repealing provisions for classification of dogs, and modifying the impound holding time for dogs and cats. 5/28/1985
643 Requiring insurance on vehicles for hire operating in the city. 2/26/1985
644 Adopting fees required for violation of the speed limits in the city. 5/28/1985
645 Providing for changes in the general sign regulations and district sign limitations. 5/14/1985
646 Requiring a building permit when construction costs exceed five hundred dollars and providing that building permit fees be established by resolution. 6/11/1985
647 Providing for the regulation of pole buildings, limiting the uses for pole buildings, and providing general specifications for pole buildings in the city. 6/11/1985
648 Pertaining to the operation and regulation of all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. 7/9/1985
649 Water Utilities - Providing for a late payment charge on all accounts not paid within 30 days after the obligation to be paid has been incurred. 7/9/1985
650 Changes in requirements for swimming pools. 7/9/1985
651 Providing for dog tags and licenses. 8/13/1985
652 Provinding for the salaries of the city commission. 8/13/1985
653 Minimum fee for violations of the open bottle law. 8/27/1985
654 Mandatory sentencing provisions for persons convicted of driving with a suspended license. 8/27/1985
655 Labor in lieu of a fine for a violation of a municipal ordinance and diagnosis and treatment of persons convicted while driving under the influence. 8/27/1985
656 Defining the terms junk automobile and vehicle hulk and prohibiting the storage or accumulation of junk automobiles and vehicle hulks. 8/27/1985
657 Changes in requirements for portable signs under the general sign regulations. 10/22/1985
658 Appropriations and Levy for the 1986 Budget. 10/22/1985
659 Amending Appropriations and Levy for the 1986 Budget. 11/26/1985
660 Limitations and designated areas for the street cleaning program. 12/13/1985
661 Adopting the Uniform Fire Code, providing for revisions to the Code, appointing the chief of the fire department as the enforceing officer or his designated representative. 1/28/1986
662 Zoning - regarding games of chance. 2/25/1986
663 Future Land Use Plan for the Development Guide of the city. 3/25/1986
664 Future Land Use Plan for the Development Guide of the city. 3/25/1986
665 Requiring a $10,000 surety bond for pawn brokers. 3/25/1986
666 Making it an offense to frighten or harass another person by use of a telephone and providing for a penalty for the offense. 4/10/1986
667 Penalties or imprisonment not to exceed 30 days and a fine not to exceed $500 for failure to maintain liability insurance of motor vehicles. 4/10/1986
668 Appointment of city officers and adoption of personnel policies and procedures by resolution. 4/10/1986
669 To allow permits for the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages to be issued to bowling leagues or other groups in a commercial bowling facility and increasing the permit fee. 5/13/1986
670 Establishing a board of appeals for decisions of the city building official, determining the number of members on the board and terms of each member, and providing for the adoption of rules and regulations determining the procedures of the board. 5/15/1986
671 Territorial authority of zoning regulations:  redefining the boundary of the area covered by the zoning and subdivision laws. 8/12/1986
672 Changes in setback requirements for accessory buildings and detached garages in residential districts and setback requirements for attached garages on corner lots in residential districts. 6/24/1986
673 Establishing the bond for persons engaged in the business or occupation of moving houses and buildings at the sum of $5,000 and providing that the annual license fee for house movers be established by resolution. 7/8/1986
674 The minimum distance a driveway may be placed from an alleyway shall be 15 feet when the driveway is parallel to the alley. 6/24/1986
675 Providing for the issuance of a summons and complaint to compel appearance in Williston municipal court for violations of parking regulations. 8/12/1986
676 Not adopted.
677 The repeal of current gas code for the city and adopting those provisions for fuel-gas piping contained within the Uniform Mechanical Code as published by the International Conference of Building Officials. 8/26/1986
678 Limiting the types of materials which may be placed in residential and commercial boulevards and providing for the permitting thereof; and providing for the placement of mailboxes, general delivery boxes, or receptacles for the delivery of periodicals, fliers, or other circulars. 8/26/1986
679 Restricting parking of employers, employees and public servants to designated downtown areas and amending the penalty for violations of parking regulations. 9/23/1986
680 The fees for journeyman plumbers and master plumbers shall be established by resolution. 10/28/1986
681 Repeal of the current Mechanical Code and adopting the Uniform Mechanical Code as published by the International Conference of Building Officials. 10/28/1986
682 Appropriations and Levy for the 1987 Budget. 10/14/1986
683 Not adopted.
684 Providing all vehicles of employers, employees or public servants shall have a permanently attached parking sticker, restricting parking by employers, employees, public servants and others in designated lots to designated areas, and limiting parking in lots owned by the city to 24 consecutive hours. 10/28/1986
685 Prohibiting dogs from being at large in the city and prohibiting the keeping of vicious dogs within the city limits. 1/5/1987
686 Future Land Use Plan for the Development Guide of the city. 2/10/1987
687 Pertaining to the keeping of pit bull dogs within the corporate limits of the city. 2/4/1987
688 Increasing membership of the Planning and Zoning Commission. 3/10/1987
689 No person shall operate a motorcycle if a passenger is under 18 years of age and not wearing protective headgear. 4/14/1987
690 Providing for paved parking areas for all new construction, remodeling, or conditional uses and providing that all parking spaces in required parking lots be individually designated through painting or signing. 4/28/1987
691 Adopting the House Plan of the Development Guide for the city. 4/28/1987
692 Prohibiting the depositing of rubbish, refuse or garbage into sanitary containers within the city by non-residents by persons or businesses residing and/or located outside the city. 4/28/1987
693 Amending the days of sale of alcoholic beverages by licensed premises by allowing sales on Memorial Day. 4/28/1987
694 Suspending temporarily and on a limited basis certain provisions of Section 20-52 of the Code of Ordinances pertaining to the sale of goods and merchandise on public sidewalks, streets, or alleys. 5/12/1987
695 Suspending temporarily and on a limited basis certain provisions of Chapter 3 of the Code of Ordinances pertaining to the sale, delivery, and consumption of alcoholic beverages within the city. 5/12/1987
696 Establishing guidelines to be used in modified motor vehicles and prohibiting the modification of motor vehicles other than by the established guidelines. 6/23/1987
697 Providing the board of city commissioners authority to sell, lease or dispose of real estate through realtor listing agreement. 6/23/1987
698 Eating establishments that are on-sale liquor license holders may serve beer or wine in conjunction with the sale of prepared meals on Sundays. 6/23/1987
699 Not adopted.
700 Repealing those provisions of ordinances numbers 679 and 684 restricting parking of employees, employers and public servants to designated downtown areas and requiring permanently attached parking stickers. 8/11/1987