701 to 800

Ordinance Number Description Approval Date
701 Fines for exhibition driving, or engaging in a drag race or race. 8/25/1987
702 Regulation and licensing of emergency fire alarm systems, providing for a connection and annual rental fee, and further providing for a fee for false alarms. 8/25/1987
703 Regarding the Flood Hazard Overlay District; additional permitted uses in General Commercial (C-2) and Restricted Commercial (C-3) Districts; and permitting circuses & similar uses in certain areas. 8/25/1987
704 Appropriations and Levy for the 1988 Budget. 10/13/1987
705 Requiring child restraint devices and seatbelts for children under the age of six. 10/27/1987
706 Providing for trespassing in public, semi-public or in or around business or commercial establishments. 11/24/1987
707 Prohibiting the driving of motor vehicles while the view is obstructed by signs, posters, frost, snow or mud or other nontransparent materials. 12/8/1987
708 Amending Ordinance 704 for the Appropriations and Levy for the 1988 Budget. 12/8/1987
709 Providing for changes in requirements of the Uniform Fire Code for storage of liquified petroleum gases. 1/26/1988
710 Denied.
711 Granting  Montana-Dakota Utilities a non-exclusive franchise for gas and electrical distribution systems. 2/9/1988
712 Denied.
713 Alcoholic beverages - revocation of license upon ceasing of business; and payment of property tax and special assessments required. 6/28/1988
714 Amending Future Land Use Plan of the Development Guide for the city. 6/28/1988
715 Appropriations and Levy for the 1989 Budget. 10/11/1988
716 Planning Zoning - extensive amendments to Ordinance 613. 5/23/1989
717 Not adopted.
718 Providing prohibition against driving across private or public parking areas to avoid traffic control devices. 8/22/1989
719 Not adopted.
720 Clarifying definitions with dog leash law. 8/22/1989
721 Future Land Use Plan for the Development Guide of the city. 8/22/1989
722 Providing prohibition of possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor. 9/12/1989
723 Prohibiting parking in any designated parking space that is reserved for the mobility impaired (handicap parking). 9/12/1989
724 Providing for Sunday opening of food stores without restrictions on the number of employees on duty at one time. 9/26/1989
725 Appropriations and Levy for the 1990 Budget. 10/10/1989
726 Adopting the regulations of the 1988 Uniform Building Code; establishing the office and duties of the city building official; and creating a policy for the issuance of building permits to licensed, bonded contractors. 11/14/1989
727 Transient merchants exempt from certain requirements. 3/13/1990
728 Zoning - various amendments. 5/22/1990
729 Zoning - to allow temporary agricultural use permits for major undeveloped or unutilized areas. 5/22/1990
730 Appropriations and Levy for the 1991 Budget. 10/9/1990
731 Obsolete signage. 11/27/1990
732 Zoning - Regarding bulk storage of hazarous materials and flammable liquids. 2/26/1991
733 Alcoholic beverages - acts prohibited on licensed premises. 2/26/1991
734 Motor vehicles - driving without liability insurance. 2/26/1991
735 Create and enact a penalty for motor vehicle window obstruction - tinted windows. 2/26/1991
736 Authorizing an order prohibiting contact with a victim of a crime involving domestic violence. 2/26/1991
737 Authorizing arrest without a warrant. 2/26/1991
738 Requiring written reports by law enforcement officers of the investigation of any alleged domestic violence. 2/26/1991
739 Authorizing municipal judge to enforce orders and judgements and punish for contempt. 2/26/1991
740 Regarding city boulevards. 3/26/1991
741 Re-enacting Section 5-313(1) regarding where pole buildings may be constructed. 5/28/1991
742 Enacting Chapter 23 of the Home Rule Charter - Sales Tax. 6/11/1991
743 Enacting Chapter 24 of the Home Rule Charter - Use Tax. 6/11/1991
744 Future Land Use Plan for the Development Guide of the city. 6/11/1991
745 Alcoholic beverages - amending sections regarding Specialty Supper Club licenses; special event permits; special Sunday permits; hours, days of sale; applications and the transfer of licenses. 11/12/1991
746 Regarding cemeteries. 11/12/1991
747 Granting US West Communications a nonexclusive franchise for a telecommunications system (with Resolution 91-37). 9/24/1991
748 Appropriations and Levy for the 1992 Budget. 10/8/1991
749 zoning - regarding special industrial explosive devices under 50 pounds. 12/10/1991
750 Amending Uniform Fire Code. 12/10/1991
751 Amending parking in any designated parking space that is reserved for the mobility impaired (handicap parking). 3/24/1992
752 Driving without liability insurance. 3/24/1992
753 Seatbelts - regarding child restraint devices. 3/24/1992
754 Starting a parked vehicle. 3/24/1992
755 The sale, serving or consumption of alcoholic beverages upon any street, public way, or area used principally for public parking is prohibited - special event permits excepted. 6/9/1992
756 Consumption of alcoholic beverages, and open containers of alcohol, in cemeteries, parks and public places prohibited.  Exceptions for approval by the Williston Park District and city Board of Commissioners. 6/9/1992
757 Appropriations and Levy for the 1993 Budget. 9/22/1992
758 Planning and Zoning Commission to consist of seven members. 1/26/1993
759 Future Land Use Plan for the Development Guide of the city. 3/23/1993
760 Regarding water fees and regulation of water meters. 5/11/1993
761 Future Land Use Plan for the Development Guide of the city. 6/8/1993
762 Not adopted.
763 Adopting the 1988 Uniform Housing Code with amendments. 8/24/1993
764 Future Land Use Plan for the Development Guide of the city. 9/14/1993
765 Alcoholic beverages - amending special Sunday permits; and hours, days of sale. 9/28/1993
766 Enacting requirements for the licensing of sign-hangers and methods to ensure compliance with Uniform Sign Code and Uniform Building Code regarding the installation of signs. 1/25/1994
767 Enact Section 23-1:  Tattooing - tattooing of minors prohibited. 4/12/1994
768 Alcoholic beverages - amending special Sunday permits; and hours, days of sale. 6/14/1994
769 Amending and re-enacting Building and Building Regulations section of ordinance 5-11. 9/13/1994
770 Future Land Use Plan for the Development Guide of the city. 10/11/1994
771 Amending Section 3-83 - drinking alcoholic beverages in off-sale premises prohibited, deliveries prohibited. 11/8/1994
772 Requiring the use of safety belts in certain motor vehicles - enforcement and penalty. 12/27/1994
773 Fees and operation of flea markets - sponsor fee for farmers' market, flea market, or boutique sales. 4/11/1995
774 Transient merchants fees. 4/11/1995
775 Solicitor permit fees. 4/11/1995
776 Charitable solicitation permit fees. 4/11/1995
777 Amending and allowing certain animals within the city limits and providing for pet shops. 6/13/1995
778 Aircraft and parachute landing ordinance - adding provisions for special permission for ascent or landing of aircraft, gliders, balloons, helicopters, and parachutes within the city limits. 6/27/1995
779 Extending the city sales tax to June 30, 2002 pursuant to a vote of the majority of electors. 6/27/1995
780 Repealing Article III, transportation of personal property, Sections 21-60 to 21-75, inclusive. 7/11/1995
781 Enacting Sections 12-70, 12-71 and 12-72 of Chapter 12 Offenses - miscellaneous:  Restricting the sale of tobacco products through vending machines, prohibiting the sale of tobacco to minors, and prohibiting the purchase or use of tobacco by minors. 10/10/1995
782 Enacting Article VIII, Chapter 9 Business Regulations - relating to the sale of tobacco products. 10/10/1995
783 Motor Vehicles and Traffic:  vehicles approaching or entering intersections. 8/8/1995
784 Licensing of dogs and related businesses. 8/22/1995
785 Transfers from Municipal Court to District Court (jury trials) - disposition of fees. 12/12/1995
786 Amending curfew to allow minors to be out until midnight on weekends. 1/23/1996
787 Amending Section 12-70 - sale of tobacco products through vending machines restricted. 1/23/1996
788 Business regulations related to the sale of tobacco products. 1/23/1996
789 Allowing a protable sign up to 60 square feet on a commercial lot or lots within 100 feet or more of frontage. 2/13/1996
790 Authorization for municipal judge to impose a $25 vicitm impact fee upon conviction of a criminal offense. 4/23/1996
791 Alcoholic beverages - allowing beer on the municipal golf course. 4/23/1996
792 Alcoholic beverages - adding provisions for a municipal golf course license. 4/23/1996
793 Alcoholic beverages - eliminating North Dakota citizenship as a requirement for issuance of a license. 9/24/1996
794 Alcoholic beverages - changing the number of licenses that may be issued to any one person from one to three. 9/24/1996
795 Establishing an R-7 District - residential mobile home subdivision. 12/10/1996
796 Providing a right of way for construction and maintenance vehicles. 2/25/1997
797 Alcoholic beverages - including Williams County residence as a requirement for issuance of license. 8/12/1997
798 Alcoholic beverages - consumption of alcohol in a commercial bowling facility. 8/12/1997
799 Alcoholic beverages - conditions and license fees (prorating annual fees). 8/12/1997
800 Alcoholic beverages - inspection of premises to be permitted in establishments which sell alcoholic beverages. 8/12/1997