801 to 900

Ordinance Number Description Approval Date
801 Alcoholic beverages - off-sale licenses. No consumption of off-sale beverages on the licensed premises. 8/12/1997
802 Water utility user responsibilities for damages to pipes, fixtures and meters. 9/9/1997
803 General penalty for violations of the Williston Code and ordinances. 9/23/1997
804 Snowmobiles - liability insurance required. 9/23/1997
805 Fleeing or eluding an officer's signal by a person not operating a motor vehicle or snowmobile. 9/23/1997
806 Fleeing or eluding an officer's signal while operating a snowmobile. 9/23/1997
807 Allowing certain animals within Agricultural Districts R-1A Rural Residential District and R-1E Rural Estate Districts. 10/14/1997
808 Setback requirements for decks. 10/14/1997
809 Zoning - Amending definitions; clarify restrictions on mobile home; and allowing bed & breakfast inns and pet shops. 10/14/1997
810 Family child day care and group child care homes for Group E occupancy requirements. 4/28/1998
811 Definition of manufactured homes and providing for their use in certain zoned districts. 6/9/1998
812 Regarding buildings and building regulations. 4/13/1999
813 Alcoholic beverages - revocation of license upon ceasing of business. 5/11/1999
814 To confirm the Williston Volunteer Fire Department as part of the Williston Fire Department. 6/22/1999
815 Repealing Sections 12-18, 12-19, 12-20 and 12-21; and amending Section 12-22 regarding indecent exposure, dress, etc. 10/12/1999
816 Alcoholic beverages - acts prohibited on licensed premises. 10/12/1999
817 Providing for a franchise requirement. 11/23/1999
818 Granting Skyland Technologies a non-exclusive franchise for a telecommunications system. 11/23/1999
819 Special permitted uses for schools in a C-2 Commercial District. 4/11/2000
820 Special permitted uses shall not impose a hazard to health or property. 4/11/2000
821 Alcoholic beverages - exceptions permitting minors to enter or be on the premises. 4/25/2000
822 Building  permit fees - making provisions for billing such fees to  contractors. 4/11/2000
823 Plumbing permit fees - making provisions for billing such fees to contractors. 4/11/2000
824 Fuel-gas piping permit fees - making provisions for billing such fees to contractors. 4/11/2000
825 Mechanical permit fees - making provisions for billing such fees to contractors. 4/11/2000
826 Not adopted.
827 Seatbelts - regarding issuing a citation, and points assessed. 4/11/2000
828 Seatbelts - regarding use in certain motor vehicles. 4/11/2000
829 Seatbelts - regarding child restraint devices. 4/11/2000
830 Seatbelts and assemblies required to be in proper condition to enable occupants to use them. 4/11/2000
831 Garbage - collection, hauling and disposal of refuse is reserved to the city. 5/23/2000
832 Traffic violations - moving and nonmoving violation defined and amount of fee. 6/27/2000
833 Amending Future Land Use Plan of the Development Guide for the city - Amended Lewison Addition. 6/27/2000
834 Regarding construction debris. 6/13/2000
835 Appointment and removal of Retained Appointive Officers. 8/8/2000
836 Building Official as Appointive Officer - subject to the same removal provisions as other city Appointive Officers. 8/8/2000
837 Zoning - nonconforming uses cease after three years of non-use. 9/26/2000
838 Zoning - special permitted uses shall expire for non-use after three years. 9/26/2000
839 Administration and enforcement of the zoning ordinance. 9/26/2000
840 Planning and Zoning - regarding the Board of Adjustment and Appeals. 9/26/2000
841 Pet owners collecting and properly disposing of pet solid waste. 10/24/2000
842 Seatbelts - adding a penalty for violation of child restraint devices. 12/27/2000
843 Shooting a bow and arrow within city limits. 2/27/2001
844 Amending and re-enacting ordinance numbers 345, 453, 746 and all other provisions of Chapter 6 relating to cemeteries. 3/13/2001
845 Amending Chapter 20 regarding boulevards, excavation, construction, and enforcement of ordinances related to streets and sidewalks. 4/10/2001
846 Extending the city sales tax to 6/30/2010 and amending the reallocation of tax revenue. 4/24/2001
847 Regarding penalties for violations of boulevard regulations and snow removal regulations. 5/8/2001
848 Possession of tobacco by minors. 9/25/2001
849 Providing for salaries of the city commission. 9/25/2001
850 Zoning - Amending grammatical errors and adding a map of Parking District 5. 10/23/2001
851 Possession of tobacco by minors. 11/13/2001
852 Sale of tobacco products. 11/27/2001
853 Allowing lodges, fraternities and sororities where no alcohol beverages are sold. 2/26/2002
854 Penalties relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors. 3/26/2002
855 Adopting guidlelines for park dedications and cash in lieu of such dedications. 5/28/2002
856 Denied.
857 Amending and re-enacting Section 6-2 regarding the cemetery advisory board. 9/10/2002
858 Special permitted uses for commercial businesses located within a congregate/communal living unit. 11/26/2002
859 Locations of alcoholic beverage premises regarding the 150 foot rule and notice of hearing sent to residential property owners. 11/26/2002
860 Granting Midcontinent a nonexclusive franchise for a cable system. 11/26/2002
861 One percent sales tax - bonds for School District 1 construction of addition to high school for use as a junior high. 1/14/2003
862 Adding an additional one percent sales tax. 1/14/2003
863 Amend references from 'Uniform Building Code' to 'State Building Code', delete provisions concerning monolithic slab construction provisions, and make reivisions to State Building Code according to local needs. 2/11/2003
864 Zoning - Amend various sections regarding designation of the State Building Code, Fire Code and hte Uniform Sign Code. 4/22/2003
865 Maximum sign size. 4/22/2003
866 Maximum lot coverage by buildings. 4/22/2003
867 Parking surfaces and vehicle storage. 4/22/2003
868 Requiring all trucks to use designated truck routes; amend definition of 'truck'; and re-designate the truck route, and designate a local truck route. 7/8/2003
869 Prohibiting engine brake use in certain areas. 8/12/2003
870 Interpretation of chemical tests (under the influence). 12/9/2003
871 Prohibiting driving under the influence of liquor or drugs and penalties for violation of the same. 12/9/2003
872 Charges for connecting to the city sanitary sewer system. 1/13/2004
873 Charges for connecting to the city water system. 1/13/2004
874 Regulations for the use of motorized scooters within the city limits. 2/10/2004
875 Fees for violation of speed limits. 6/8/2004
876 Annexation to the city - one acre of land near Halliburton Road and off of Old Highway 1804. 7/27/2004
877 Granting Mountrail Williams Electric Cooperative a nonexclusive franchise for an electrical distribution system. 10/12/2004
878 Setting a maximum speed limit in alleys. 12/28/2004
879 Not adopted.
880 Fees for violation of speed limits. 1/25/2005
881 Parking in any designated parking space that is reserved for the mobility impaired. (Handicap parking). 4/26/2005
882 Adding provisions requiring the mowing of weeds and grasses, and upon non-compliance allowing assessment against the property for costs incurred by the city to mow. 6/28/2005
883 Motor vehicle liability insurance. 7/12/2005
884 Special permitted use for professional offices to operate in already existing structures. 8/23/2005
885 Not adopted.
886 Seatbelts - regarding child restraint devices. 9/27/2005
887 Definition of a two family dwelling. 10/25/2005
888 Annexation to the city of a parcel adjacent to 26th Street and East Dakota Parkway. 12/22/2005
889 Zoning regarding accessory buildings. 2/14/2006
890 Annexation to the city of two parcels. 8/22/2006
891 Annexation to the city of 1 parcel in Lot 1, Section 19, T154N, R100W  (5 Star Fireworks). 9/12/2006
892 Providing for salaries of the city commission. 2/28/2006
893 Regarding the use and maintenance of city owned railroad track. 11/28/2006
894 Annexation to the city of Lots 1 through 5 of the KAV Subdivision. 4/24/2007
895 Penalties for the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors. 6/26/2007
896 Annexation to the city of the Daybreak Subdivision. 9/11/2007
897 Adopting the city of Williston Fire Prevention Code. 10/23/2007
898 Zoning - nonconforming structures. 12/26/2007
899 Providing for salaries of the city commission. 12/26/2007
900 Annexation to the city of the Sundown Subdivision. 1/8/2008