Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Beverage License Application Process

Applications are not considered complete, and will not be circulated for any department approvals, until all required documentation and application fees have been received.

After the completed application, required documents and payment have been received, the application will be circulated for department approvals and will be reviewed by the Liquor & Licensing Committee. 

New locations for the sale of alcoholic beverages are required to have a public hearing. Notices of the hearing will be sent to property owners within 150 feet of the lot line and a notice of the public hearing will be published in the paper at least 10 days prior to the hearing. 

All licenses are approved by the City Board of Commissioners. Once department approvals have been obtained, and the application has been reviewed by the Liquor & Licensing Committee, the application will be submitted to the next available City Commission agenda for the Board to grant final approval. If a public hearing is required, it will be held at this same time. 

The Board of Commissioners meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. 

Licenses are issued contingent on compliance with any applicable inspection requirements, or other specified requirements, throughout the life of the license. After the City Commission approves the new license, it will be mailed to the local business address.

Annual Alcoholic Beverage License Renewals

Licenses expire on December 31st of each year.  Annual license renewal notices are sent to all license holders at the end of September with a deadline of October 31st to return the renewal along with the annual fee.  This deadline allows our Building Department and Fire Department time to conduct inspections before the end of the year when the new licenses are issued. The Williston Police Department hand delivers alcoholic beverage license renewals each year. 

Rules & Regulations

Information regarding specific legal requirements and regulations of all licensing can be found in the Williston Code of Ordinances.  Laws pertaining to alcoholic beverages can be found under Chapter 3. 

Application Type Description Duration Fee
Alcoholic Beverage License For new licenses & transfers of ownership for existing licenses.  Annual renewable. Varies
Notification of New Manager Point of contact manager of local business premises listed on license. Until position changes. No Fee
Special Event Permit Use this permit application for public events, or private events taking place in a public building or space, and alcohol will be sold or served, or if the event will have 100 or more participants. Examples of events include block parties, music festivals, 5K / motorcycle runs, parades, etc. and events that include fireworks displays, street closings and/or city parking lot use. Length of the event, not to exceed 14 days. Base fee of $25.00. Additional fees may apply.
Change of Location For existing businesses to request commission approval for a change of location. No fee
Charitable or Civic Event Permit For use by eligible charitable and civic groups as designated and approved by the Board of City Commissioners. Length of the event, not to exceed 5 days. Varies