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City of Williston Code of Ordinances

The City of Williston Code of Ordinances  provides a comprehensive compilation of all City ordinances, which includes the City's zoning ordinance.

Individual ordinances can be viewed in the 'individual ordinances by number' links below.


Home Rule Charter

At a special city election on May 14th, 1991, the citizens of Williston voted to ratify a Home Rule Charter for the City of Williston. Article 2 of the Charter allows an elected governing body to exercise certain powers, among them is the ability to enact ordinances.

Article 2 – Governing Body to Exercise Powers
Subject to the limitations imposed by the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution of the State of North Dakota, state law, and this Charter, all powers of the city shall be vested in the elected, governing body. The elected, governing body shall enact ordinances, adopt budgets, determine policies and prescribe the functions of government to be performed by the city under the authority of the charter and the constitution and laws of this state.

Individual ordinances by number:

1201 to 1300
1101 to 1200
1001 to 1100
901 to 1000
801 to 900
701 to 800
601 to 700
501 to 600
401 to 500
301 to 400
201 to 300
101 to 200
1 to 100