Gaming - Raffle/Bingo Permit & Game Site Authorization

What is a local permit, charity local permit and gaming site authorization? 

All three are forms that are used by the city and Attorney General’s office when approving a nonprofit organization, public spirited organization, or a group of people recognized as public spirited to conduct charitable gaming at a site located within its jurisdiction. 

What is a ‘public spirited’ organization or group of people?

Gaming law defines a ‘public-spirited organization’ as an organization whose primary purpose is for scientific research, amateur sports competition, safety, literacy, arts, preservation of cultural heritage, educational activities, educational public service, youth, economic development, tourism, community medical care, community recreation, or similar organization, which does not meet the definition of any other type of eligible organization. However, it is ultimately at the discretion of the city to determine if an organization is ‘public spirited.’ 

What is the primary difference between a local permit and charity local permit?

Do not be confused by the word ‘charity.’ The primary difference is the type of games that will be played. There are other differences, as well:  

Local Permit

Charity Local Permit

May be issued for bingo, raffle, raffle board, calendar raffle and sports pool

Must be issued when poker, twenty-one or paddlewheels  will be conducted and can include other allowed game types

Multiple local permits can be issued at the same time

Restricted to one time event per year, not to exceed three days

No reporting requirement after the event

Report must be filed with Attorney General within 30 days of event


What is the primary difference between a permit and a gaming site authorization?

The local permit and charity local permit are approved and issued only by the local governing body with a copy of the form sent to the Attorney General’s office. The gaming site authorization is approved first by the local governing body with final approval by the Attorney General’s office in relation to a nonprofit corporation’s state gaming license. 

Local permit and charity local permits are restricted to prize limitations during the fiscal year. The retail value of all prizes during the year, including cash prizes, may not exceed $12,000. No single merchandise prize may exceed $6,000 in value. No single cash prize may exceed $6,000. Game site authorizations do not have a $12,000 limit for the year.

By law, an organization cannot have a local permit and gaming site authorization at the same time.

Application Type Description Fee
Game Site Authorization Authorization for year round gaming events based on a fiscal year of July 1st to June 30th. Must be registered as a charitable organization with ND State Attorney General. $100 per site location for annual license; $50 for one time event
Local Permit or Charity Local Permit Permit for Raffle, Bingo, etc. Must be a 'public spirited' organization. $25 per event