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Open Meetings

North Dakota has “sunshine laws,” which make all government records and meetings open to the public unless a specific law authorizes a record to be withheld or a meeting to be closed.

These laws apply to all state and local government agencies, rural fire and ambulance districts, public schools, private businesses or non-profit organizations that are supported by or expending public funds, and contractors, if the contractor is providing services in place of a public entity rather than to that entity.

  • The courts are not subject to open records and meetings law.

Anyone has the right to attend meetings of a public entity or to access and obtain copies of the entity’s records, regardless of where they live.

Open Meetings Information

North Dakota’s laws state that all government records and meetings must be open to the public unless otherwise authorized by a specific law. The basic laws are found in North Dakota Century Code, beginning at §44-04-17.1. The public has the right to know how government functions are performed and how public funds are spent. You can find quick reference information in the State Attorney General's Open Meetings Guide.

Detailed information can be found in the North Dakota Open Meetings Manual.  In addition to providing detailed information about the state's sunshine laws, this manual contains summaries of court decisions relating to open meetings laws.

For information regarding the City Board of Commissioners regular meeting dates, meeting agendas and minutes of the meetings, please visit our City Commission page.