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Population Studies

According to the census data published by the North Dakota League of Cities, the population in the City of Williston for 2016 was 26,426.

Population Study by NDSU for 2015

Service Population Study by NDSU for 2015

Population Study by NDSU for 2013

Why the national census is important

According to the Census Bureau:

Census information affects the numbers of seats your state occupies in the U.S. House of Representatives. And people from many walks of life use census data to advocate for causes, rescue disaster victims, prevent diseases, research markets, locate pools of skilled workers and more.

When you do the math, it's easy to see what an accurate count of residents can do for your community. Better infrastructure. More services. A brighter tomorrow for everyone. In fact, the information the census collects helps to determine how more than $400 billion dollars of federal funding each year is spent on infrastructure and services like:

  • Hospitals
  • Job training centers
  • Schools
  • Senior centers
  • Bridges, tunnels and other-public works projects
  • Emergency services