Water Department / Utility Billing

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The Water / Utility Billing Department is responsible for initiating water supply and garbage service for all residential and commercial properties within the City limits.

Move In - Starting Utility Services
To open your new water & garbage service account, fill out the application and return it in person to the Water Department located at 809 5th Street East. Identification is required - a picture ID for residential accounts, or a Business Tax ID for commercial accounts. If you are renting, a $50 security deposit will be required. 

                   *Apply online with our Move In - Start Services Application

                   *Use our fillable/printable Residential & Commercial Application. You can email
                      applications to citywater@ci.williston.nd.us

                   *Or stop by the City Hall office at 22 E Broadway

Move Out - Stopping Utility Services
To close your service account, we need to know the effective date and a mailing address to send the final bill and/or refund.  You can notify Water Department by completing one of the following:

                   *Submit an online request:   Move Out - Stop Services Application

                   *Send an email to:  citywater@ci.williston.nd.us

                   *Call:  701 577-8105  

                   *Stop by the City Hall office at 22 E Broadway

Temporarily Stopping Utility Services
If you wish to temporarily stop your utility services due to an extended time away from home, please contact the Water Department at 701 577-8105.  Please be advised that if services are discontinued for any reason, a $25 Reconnect Fee will be charged to the account. You can also apply for temporary shut-off of service online with our Temporary Shut-Off Application.

Reporting a Service Issue
If you are experiencing a problem with your water utility lines, please contact our Water Department at 701 577-8105 during normal business hours, Monday - Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you have an urgent situation, such as a water main break, outside of business hours, please call 701 577-1212 to report the problem.

Paying Your Bill
For new and current account holders: Consider going paperless! It's free and easy to do with our paperless billing and automatic payments application. It's easy to apply online.

If you prefer to print the application, you can fill the E-Bill Enrollment and Automatic Payment Plan. You can drop the application off at our office; or send by mail; or scan and email to us at:  citywater@ci.williston.nd.us.

Use our convenient online feature and Pay your water bill online.

Drop Box locations can be found at:

                 City Hall - 22 E Broadway
                 Albertsons - 20 26th Street E
                 American State Bank - 2532 2nd Ave W
                 Cash Wise - 300 11th Street W

Payments can also be mailed to:
                  Water Department
                  City of Williston
                  PO Box 1306
                  Williston, ND  58802-1306

Questions regarding water / utility bills:

Water quality reports:

     2019 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report  
     2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
     2017 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
     2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
     2015 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
     2014 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Utility Billing General Information
The City of Williston charges for water usage based on units of water used. Some newer meters show a unit measurement; however, most meters show cubic feet measurements. Our utility billing system converts the cubic feet to units and calculates the charges that you see on your bill. 

  • 748.052 gallons = 100 cubic feet = 1 unit
  • A container five feet long by five feet wide and four feet high holds one unit of water.
  • Bills are sent out every month on the last business day of the month.
  • Bills are due on the 10th day of the following month.

How to read your City of Williston utilities bill

Water Bill picture

2017 Utility Billing Rates

Resolution 10-58  Regarding Water Utility Rates

Water Rates

  • Residential & Commercial rates are $2.60 for usage up to 30 units and $2.25 for usage over 30 units.
  • Summer water rates are applied after your April meter reading and will show up on your bill during the months of June, July, August and September.  The rate is $2.05 for every unit that is over the winter average water usage. This summer rate, also known as the 'lawn rate,' is given for residential and commercial properties using water for lawn purposes.
  • The 'winter average' is based on average amount of your water rate billed to you from January, February and March of each year.

Water Meter Rates

Water meter rates are based on the size of the meter.

Meter Size          Unit Increment    Cubic Foot Increment          Meter Charge
5/8"                              1                          100                                   $4.40
3/4"                              1                          100                                   $4.40
1"                                 1                          100                                   $5.65
1.5"                            10                        1,000                                  $9.20
2"                               10                        1,000                                $12.45
3"                               10                        1,000                                $26.90
4" and over               100                     10,000                                $43.00

Sewer Rates

  • Residential & Commercial rates are $1.09 for usage up to 30 units and $ .85 for usage over 30 units.
  • Summer sewer rates are applied to your bill during the months of May, June, July August September and October. The summer sewer rate is the average of your water usage from the months of January, February and March. 
  • Winter sewer rates are applied to your bill during the months November, December, January, February, March and April.  The winter sewer rate is the average of your water usage from the months of January, February and March. 

Other Utility Charges

Garbage pick-up rates:

  • $7.35 residential; 
  • $  .20 recycle fee; 
  • $24.80 commercial minimum

Mosquito Control:  $4.00 per living unit.  Mosquito control, also known as 'vector' control, is a monthly charge that appears on your bill year round - even in the dead of winter. This vital part of city services is crucial for disease prevention and quality of life. The Williston Vector Control District was established in 1967. The public votes on whether or not to pay for mosquito control efforts every four years during general elections. You can find more information about this subject at the Williams County Williston Vector Control District website.

Stormwater Management:  $1.00 per living unit. Stormwater is rainwater or melted snow that runs off streets, lawns and other sites. When stormwater is absorbed into soil, it is filtered and ultimately replenishes aquifers or flows into streams and rivers. All stormwater that runs down the gutter or enters the City's drainage system eventually reaches the waters of the Missouri River and Lake Sakakawea. The City's stormwater management is an important part of keeping these waters clean. You can read more about stormwater management systems at our Public Works webpage and at the federal government's EPA website.

Reconnect Fee:  $25.00.  This fee is applied if services are discontinued for any reason.

NSF Fee:  $10.00.  This fee is applied for insufficient funds via check payments, ACH payments, web/internet payments, etc.

Hang Tag Fee:   $10.00.  This fee is applied to any account that has received a 'Hang Tag' notice due to an applicable past due amount on the account.

Troubleshooting Water Leaks
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Download a printable PDF of the High Water Bill pamphlet.