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This section is for employees who plan to retire or resign from the City of Williston.  An exit interview will be scheduled with a Human Resources Representative and your Department Director or Department Head. 

To be eligible for retirement benefits under the NDPERS Defined Benefit Retirement Plan or Defined Contribution Plan, you must terminate employment and received your final payroll with the City of Williston for a minimum of one month (31 days) or be eligible to terminate participation in the retirement plan. 

Employees may estimate their monthly retirement benefit amount by logging into PERSLink Member Self Service (MSS) or request an estimate from NDPERS by completing and submitting a NDPERS Request for Benefit Information

NDPERS provides a retirement kit and retirement forms to assist you in the retirement process.  You must apply no later than 30 days prior to our first pension payment or your payment will be delayed. 

Upon notification, NDPERS will send you information regarding the NDPERS benefits in which you were enrolled.  Termination of employment means a severance of employment by not being on the payroll of the City of Williston for a minimum of one month (31 days).  Approved leave of absence does not constitute termination of employment. 

Employees have several options concerning their account balance at NDPERS.  It is the responsibility of the employee to notify NDPERS of their intentions related to retirement and/or the insurance plan.  ND PERS kits are available to assist you in the resignation process. 

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