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The City of Williston offers the following retirement plan options for its employees through North Dakota Public Employees Retirement System (NDPERS):

Defined Benefit Retirement Plan
Defined Contribution Retirement Plan
457 Deferred Compensation Plan

In the Defined Benefit Retirement Plan, an account is established on your behalf and contributions are made to the account by you and the City of Williston.  If you are vested, you are guaranteed a benefit at retirement, which is generally based on your compensation, the benefit multiplier, and your years of service credit.  The more years of service you have accumulated, the greater the benefit.  You will receive the benefit determined under the plan regardless of the performance of the plan's investment. 

Mandatory Participation Requirements:
If you work for a participating employer in the Defined Benefit Plan, and work a minimum of 20 hours per week for 20 or more weeks of the year (32 hours for public safety retirement plans), are at least eighteen (18) years of age, filling a permanent position that is regularly funded and not of limited duration, you must participate in the defined benefit plan unless you waived participation in writing when your employer joined NDPERS. 

If you meet the above requirements and are a non-classified permanent state employee, you must elect to participate in either the defined benefit plan or the defined contribution plan.  

You should be enrolled the first month of eligible employment, even when hired subject to a probationary period.  There is no maximum age limit applicable for enrollment purposes.   

Read more details in the NDPERS New Hire Kit

City of Williston Retirement Contributions
NDPERS is funded by contributions from members, employers, and earnings from investments.  Effective January 2014, the contribution rates for employees and employers are established in the North Dakota Century Code and are as follows:

Permanent/Full Time Employees Retirement Plan
Employee Retirement Contribution 6.12%
Employer Retirement Contribution 9.14%

Public Safety Retirement Plan
Employee Retirement Contribution 5.5%
Employer Retirement Contribution 10.95%

Part-Time/Temporary Employees (Optional Participants)
Employee Retirement Contribution 13.12%

Contributions are calculated as a percentage of your gross pay.  While it is possible for an employer to pay all or part of the employee contribution for permanent full-time employees, the law expressly prohibits the employer from paying any portion of an optional participant’s contribution.  The employer must treat all employees covered under NDPERS equally.  Please refer to the glossary for a complete definition of “Wages and Salaries.”

Employee contributions are automatically credited to individual member’s accounts.  Employer contributions are paid into the retirement fund and retiree health insurance credit fund.  It is possible for you to vest in the employer contribution (PEP) for cash distributions purposes.  However, this vesting is not automatic and requires you to participate in a deferred compensation program approved by the retirement board. 

For more information contact concerning retirement benefits, contact NDPERS or a Human Resources staff member