Municipal Court

How do I tell which court system I need?

I have a scheduled court date in Municipal Court but I cannot attend. What are my options?

How can I make a payment online?

How do I contest a parking citation?

I have a small claims, restraining order, eviction or divorce question

My child who is under 18 received a criminal charge, now what?

My child who is under 18 but over 13 received a traffic or tobacco ticket, now what?

I have to have an alcohol evaluation but I don't know where.

I need to complete a Victim Impact Panel but I don't know where.

I need the information for the STOPLIFTING Course

I need to complete the ALIVE at 25 Course but don't know where.

I lost my information on Community Service

I was assessed the 24/7 program, now what??

The jail was full/I missed checking in for my sentenced jail days.

Who can I talk to about point's on my driver's license and/or the suspension of my driving privileges?

I received a No Liability Insurance citation but have insurance.

I have a question on a ticket I received outside of Williston and/or Williams County.  Who do I contact?

I received a Misdemeanor A or Felony charge(s), who do I contact?

Who can I call about warrants?