Location & Parking

Municipal Court

Williston Municipal Court is located at:

on the first floor of the Williams County Courthouse next to the cafe.  The office is located on the south side of the hallway and the courtroom is located on the north side of the hallway, Courtroom 119A. 

Currently there is a parking lot located to the rear of the courthouse, and to the east of the courthouse on the police department side of the building.  Parking is also available around the courthouse on the street, one must abide by the parking limitations downtown to avoid a parking ticket. 

There are handicapped parking spots located in the two parking lots, as well as two on the street to the west of the courthouse.  Please contact Municipal Court (701-577-9900) if assistance into the building is required.  Listed below will be overhead shots of each parking lot with the handicapped spots marked by the blue boxes.

resized w handicappedEast of the Police Department

pic 2 resized w handicappedBehind the Williams County Courthouse

pic 3 resized w handicappedWest side of Williams County Courthouse