Applications and Fee Schedule

Planning & Zoning

Action   Fee
 Planned Unit Development (PUD)  $2500 plus Plat and Zone Change Fee
($1200 plus $20 an acre/capped at 200 acres)
 Plat and Zone Change  $1200 plus $20/acre (capped at 200 acres)
 Plat  $850 plus $20/acre (capped at 200 acres)
 Special Permitted Use (SPU)  $250
 Zone Change  $650
 ROW Vacation  $540
 Future Land Use (FLU) Amendment  $250
 Variance  $500
 Short Plat (3 or fewer lots)  $200
 Redevelopment of existing structure using PUD  $650
 Re-platting within one year of recordation $1000 plus Plat fees
($850 plus $20 an acre/capped at 200 acres)
Wireless Communication Facility $250
Temporary Use Permit (TUP) $35 per day/up to 15 days per event/3 events per year
Sign Master Plan $250
Oversized Sign $250
Temporary Sign Application (Daily) $25 per event (15 days/up to 8 events per year)
Temporary Sign Application (Annual) $1000
Annual Sandwhich Board Sign no fee
Downtown Design Review Board no fee
Sidewalk Cafe Permit no fee