ESC for Construction Sites

Public Works

The City of Williston is committed to keeping its waterways and stormwater system clean. To accomplish this goal, all construction work proposed within city limits must implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) such as:

Site Access 
The site will have a minimum number of access points possible during construction activities. Each entrance shall be constructed of wood chips, crushed rock, or concrete. All equipment, employees, deliveries, and subcontractors need to use the designated entrances.

Tracking Control
All tracked material from the site shall be removed daily.

Perimeter Control
Silt or snow fence may be used to designate the construction area, control traffic, and limit access to and from the site.

Erosion/Sediment Control
Silt fence is to be used on all development sites to control wind and water erosion and control sediment from migrating off site. Contractors must maintain an 8ft grass buffer on the entire perimeter, if possible.

Inlet Protection
Protect all inlets that drain the site. Sandbags, fiber rolls, and other commercial inlet protection devices are all acceptable.

Concrete Washout
A concrete waste disposal area is to be provided to keep concrete waste out of the storm sewer system. The washout must be clearly marked, easily accessible, and properly maintained.

Sediment laden water cannot be discharged offsite or into the storm sewer system. A filtering system must be utilized prior to discharge. Inlet protection, grass buffer, or silt fence are not viable options of filtering.

Hazardous Material
All hazardous materials must be properly tracked and documented. Follow all MSDS guides and maintain secondary containment structures.

Waste Piles
Sand and soil cannot be placed on or near the street or site drain way.

All construction work proposed within city limits which will cause ground disturbance of 1 acre or more must obtain the necessary Stormwater Permit(s) from the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality (NDDEQ). Sites less than 1 acre in total disturbed area are required to implement BMPs, but are not required to obtain a NDDEQ permit.

Obtaining a Stormwater Permit

  1. Visit the NDDEQ and download the necessary Stormwater Pollution Prevention (SWPP) plan and Construction Notice of Intent (NOI) forms and templates for the proposed development.
  2. Complete and submit the SWPP plan and NOI forms to the NDDEQ:
    1. Submit an electronic NOI to (copy the City Engineer and and mail an original signed copy no later than seven (7) days before construction starts; or
    2. Submit a NOI through the Electronic Reporting System (ERIS).
  3. Follow the requirements of the SWPP plan as outlined by the NDDEQ.
  4. At the end of construction, and prior to sending the termination notice to the NDDEQ upon completion of the SWPP plan (copy the City Engineer and, contact the City Engineering Department at 701.577.6368 to schedule a site inspection.


David Juma | City Engineer 

1121 5th Street East
p. 701.577.6368

Building Safety
p. 701.577.8115
f. 701.577.2081

Mark Schneider | Development Services Director