Landfill Rates

Public Works

As of 2020, the City of Williston Landfill has the following rates:

*MSW-Regular Refuse  $42.00/Ton | $45.00/Ton [Effective Feb 1, 2022]
MWS Sub  $46.20/Ton | $49.50/Ton [Effective Feb 1, 2022]
Inert  $20.00/Ton | $25.00/Ton [Effective Feb 1, 2022]
Inert Sub  $22.00/Ton | 27.50/Ton [Effective Feb 1, 2022]
Oilfield Waste  $165.00/Ton
Friable Asbestos  $61.00/Ton
Non-friable Asbestos  $28.00/Ton
Wood  $20.00/Ton
RRF  $60.00/Ton
Appliances  $20.00/Ton
Trees  $20.0/Ton
Trailer House  $500.00/Each
Tires Whole  $200.00/Ton
Tires [small, medium, large]  $7.00*, $20.00, $25.00 Each | *$10.00 Each [Effective Feb 1, 2022]
Iron  $20.00/Ton
Poley Pipe  $100.00/Ton
Unsecured Load Fee**  $25.00
Loader Fee***  $25 or $40
Metal Fee****  $250.00
Oilfield Rejected Fee*****  $10,000.00
Clean Asphalt & Concrete [Recyclable]  NO CHARGE
Clean Compost  NO CHARGE
Minimum Charges [300lbs or less]******  $5.00 (+$0.20 recycling fee) | $6.75 (+$0.25 recycling fee) [Effective Feb 1, 2022]
Recycling Fee*******  $0.20, $0.75, $1.50, or $3.00
Surcharge  10%
Pallets  $20.00/Ton

*(Municipal Solid Waste)
**Unsecured Load Fee: All loads must be secured with either a tarp or tie-down straps. A $25.00 fee will be applied to all unsecured loads for the 1st offense, a $50.00 fee thereafter.
***Loader Fees: If the customer needs the equipment to push or pull something off a trailer or if we have to reload a container with unacceptable waste or loads that contain a large amount of metal where we need to utilize the loader then we will tack on a $25.00 fee or a $40.00 fee (oilfield load).
****Metal Fee: If there is a load with a great deal of metal or large metal objects then we will also add on a  $250.00 fee and sometimes more than one metal fee may be applied. 
*****All radioactive material or contaminated loads will be rejected and documented. A $10,000.00 fee will be applied to all loads dumped containing used pit liners and filter socks or contaminated loads in accordance with North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality’s Guideline 42.
******Minimum Charges: These are based on the weight of the material. For example, INERT/Construction waste at $20/ton for 300lbs or less would be $5.20, but 300lbs or less of MSW ($42/ton) is $6.30 plus the $0.20 recycling fee for a total of $6.50. 
*******Recycling Fee: For anything ranging in price from $5.00 to $9.99 there is a $0.20 recycling fee added, from $10 to $49.99 there is a $0.75 recycling fee added, from $50 to $99.99 there is a $1.50 recycling fee, and anything over $100 there is a $3.00 recycling fee.