Miscellaneous Landfill Information

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Micellaneous Landfill Information:

Will accept lead acid batteries Free of Charge if separated from other refuse.

Will accept metal if separated from other refuse. If not there will be a $250.00 added to ticket if we have to separate. Also if you bring in metal by itself we can take it for $8.50 a ton instead of the $20.00 or $40.00 a ton we charge for our other areas.

All loads must be secured with either a Tarp or Tie down straps or there will be a $25.00 fee added to your ticket when you come into the Landfill for the 1 st offense $50.00 there after

We have a separate place for everything that comes into Landfill and our scale operator or personal will send you where it belongs or ask.

We have places for: All listed / and must be separated:

  1. Trees
  4. Appliances
  5. Concrete / Asphalt (clean)
  6. Batteries
  7. MSW-(household garbage, cardboard, plastic’s, insulation etc.)
  8. Construction-(wood, sheetrock, carpet, furniture, etc.)

Not Allowed in Landfill


  1. Un rinsed pesticide containers
  2. Used oil-waste oil
  3. PCB waste/oils
  4. Ignitables-(solvents, paints, and fuels) paints must be solidified
  5. Re actives& listed waste
  6. Toxicity characteristic waste   *Mercury-containing devices-(fluoresent lighting, thermostats etc.) *Ballasts, capacitor
  7. Copier toners
  8. Sludges
  9. Manure
  10. Septic tank pumping
  11. Infectious wastes
  12. Large quantities of soluble waste (fly ash-salt fertilizers- bags of white powder) 25 lbs or more that may spontaneous combust Oil Field Waste
  13. Pit liners (considered special waste)
  14. Invert off of pit liners or rig sites
  15. Hazardous waste
  16. Radioactive waste
  17. 5 gal(lids removed and triple rinsed) & 55 gal containers with liquids(cut in half and triple rinsed)
  18. Any filter socks (considered special waste)
  19. Anything marked acute hazardous waste
  20. Anything in accordance with Guide Line 42

*House hold quantities are allowed

All mixed loads that want to be dumped as is: will have to go to our MSW pit which the cost is double our construction pit.

If you choose to separate and don’t do so, you will be asked to take to MSW from then on at scale operator or personal discretion or rejected

The loader fees for us to have to move your stuff that you did not separate is $20.00 & $40.00 each and as many as it takes to move it.

All metal must be separated by State Law. We have the right to reject your load if metal is in your load, if dumped and you leave it to us to separate there will be a $250.00 fee added to your ticket when you arrive at the scale.

  • Pipe
  • Wire
  • Cable
  • Iron
  • Bikes
  • Appliances
  • Metal Shaker Screens
  • Etc.

The operation of this facility is regulated under Article 33-20 of the NDAC.

No unauthorized disposal, trespassing, scavenging, vandalism, littering, burning or disposal of prohibited wastes.

All laws that we have enforce here are passed down to us from the North Dakota Health Department.

Please respect all personnel at the Landfill and we will do the same to you. We are growing very fast and are trying to clean our Landfill up, and ask that you respect our rules.

All loads are subject to rejection regardless of what it is.

Haulers must know where they got containers for the fine or they get it.

Construction Pit (Inert)

Material Accepted:

  • Wood
  • Pallets
  • Carpet
  • Carpet pad
  • Sheet rock
  • Furniture
  • Plastic pipe (clean)
  • Ceiling tile
  • Sinks
  • Wood cabinets
  • Dirt mixed with branches etc.
  • Bricks
  • Shredded tires
  • All like material

All metal must be separated out and put in metal recycling piles or there will be a $250.00 fee added.

All mixed load with MSW material must be separated or the whole load will be sent to MSW pit at $40.00 a ton instead of the $20.00 a ton.

Everything must be tarpped or strapped. $25.00 fee 1 st offense. $50.00 fee there after.

MSW Pit (Garbage)

  • Plastic
  • Cardboard
  • Insulation
  • TVs
  • Electronics
  • Household Trash (garbage)
  • Clothes
  • Plastic pipe with residue
  • Hose’s
  • Oil field garbage
  • Microwaves
  • Plastic barrels (cut in half) ALL BARRELS HAVE TO BE TRIPLE RINSED
  • Steel barrels- must be rinsed and put in metal pile
  • 5-55 gal containers as long as they are clean and rinsed
  • Thread protectors
  • All like material

We also have a special place in MSW for asbestos (with proper paper work).

Paint can’s may come out if lids are removed & paint is dried out or empty and dried.

All metal must be separated out and put in metal recycling piles or there will be a $250.00 fee added.

Everything must be tarpped or strapped. $25.00 fee 1 st offense $50.00 there after

All radioactive material or contaminated loads will be rejected and documented. A $10,000 fee will be applied to all loads dumped containing used pit liners and filter socks or contaminated loads in accordance to North Dakota State Health Department’s Guideline 42.

All rejected loads are reloaded with loader and you may end up with more than you brought, what ever is easier for loader to load. Loader fees will be added.
All loads must be secured or tarpped.
A $25 fee will be applied to all unsecured loads.
Questions: Contact Patty Fiorenza or Dave Bell at 701-577-6368