Waste Acceptance

Public Works

The existing landfill is permitted to accept household solid waste, commercial solid waste and inert solid waste.

The following wastes shall not be accepted for disposal unless approved by the Director of Public Works and the State Health Department.

  • Liquid Wastes-Except in amounts normally found in household wastes.
  •  Regulated infectious Wastes-Except in amounts normally found in household wastes.
  • Municipal Waste Incinerator Ash-Fireplace ash and ash from commercial and medical incinerators may be accepted.
  • Hazardous Wastes-Except in amounts normally found in household wastes.  Non-Friable Asbestos may be accepted. Friable Asbestos properly contained and documented may be accepted.
  • Pesticide Containers, which are not empty and triple rinsed-except for those normally found in household wastes.
  • Waste Oil. A waste oil disposal facility is available to the public at the Public Works Building.
  • Lead Acid Batteries. Batteries are not accepted.
  • Major Appliances. Appliances may be temporarily stored on site for later recycling.
  • Industrial Wastes-Requires disposal agreement with industry.
  • Raw or digested sewage sludges, lime sludges, animal manure, septic tank pumpings, grit chamber cleanings, and other sludges. Drained bar screenings may be accepted.
  • Other wastes determined by the State Health Department to have characteristics which can impact the public health or environmental resources.