Waste Handling Procedures

Public Works

Waste Acceptance

All waste haulers entering the facility shall immediately stop on the landfill scale.
While the waste hauler is on the scale, the scale operator shall:

  1. Determine the origin of the waste load
  2. Determine if the waste load will be the object of a hazardous waste contect inspection
  3. Determine the nature of the waste load and, if necessary, reject the waste load
  4. Receive and record any required documentation regarding the waste load
  5. Direct the waste hauler to the appropriate disposal area

Waste Rejection
All employees at the landfill have the authority to reject wastes at any point in the landfill including after the waste load has been discharged from the waste hauling vehicle.

Both the hauler of rejected wastes and the employee rejecting the wastes shall be required to report to the scale operator.

The scale operator shall:

  1. Notify the Director of Public Works of the rejection
  2. Identify and record the nature of the rejected waste.
  3. Determine and record the nature of the rejected waste
  4. Inform the waste hauler the reason why the waste was rejected.

When landfill employees or the Director of Public Works have reason to believe the rejected wastes are illegally hauled, will be illegally dumped elsewhere, or represent a threat to public health or the environment, they shall inform the following:

Williston Police Department | 701.577.1212 (Dispatch)
Williams County Sheriff's Department | 701.577.7700
ND State Department of Health | 701.221.5166
ND Highway Patrol | 701.774.4360