Winter removal of compost containers

PW Compost Container Removal-Insta On Wednesday, December 1, all compost containers will be removed for the winter.

As a reminder, there are 3 locations in the city for leaves and grass composting ONLY (no bags).

  • Corner of 5th St E & 8th Ave E (across the street on the west side of old Public Works)
  • Western Star Ball Complex - 19th Ave W & 15th St W
  • Rickard Elementary School - 14th St E & 2nd Ave E

Please do not throw branches into these bins! Doing so ruins the whole load and defeats the purpose of composting.

If you bring leaves to the bins in bags, you can dispose of your bags in the 300-gallon container at the sites.

As a reminder, if you have branches, you can dispose of them in two ways. Take branches to the City Landfill (5176 134th Avenue NW) for $20 a ton or a minimum of $5.20. You can also take your compost (leaves and grass) to the landfill free of charge!


Bundle branches in 3-4 foot sections. These must be bound together and light enough for one person to pick up.

Place your bundles on the boulevard and call sanitation (701.577.6368) and let them know you have a pickup.

If you have any other questions, please contact Public Works at 701.577.6368.