Local TSA Employee Wins National Award

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Unsung Hero Award:
This award recognizes the non-supervisory employee who showcases outstanding performance in administrative and technical support. Awardees make positive "behind-the-scenes" contributions to the mission of the organization/agency that would not ordinarily be acknowledged by other types of formal awards. These are often people who are considered a quiet but steady presence in the organization and might otherwise go unrecognized. The important behind-the-scenes contributions are invaluable to successful mission accomplishments resulting in a huge impact to the operations of their organization or to TSA. The individual takes initiative without being prompted, is reliable, persevering, and can be counted on to consistently get the job done.

Dan’s Nomination: Transportation Security Officer (TSO) Daniel "Dan" Carscallen is the bedrock, behind-the-scenes orchestrator of operations at Williston Airport (ISN). He has been with TSA in Williston since August 2011, and his positive impact on the ISN team has been felt since day one!  During that time ISN has gone through an erratic series of challenges. When Dan started he was only one of 5 TSOs working at the small Cat IV airport; he is now the only remaining member of that team and operating in the 11th busiest CAT IV in the country where enplanements routinely exceed numbers typically seen at CAT III airports. For a 4-year period, Dan was the only "permanent party" employee on station. He provided the stabilizing force to an untold number of National Deployment Force (NDF) officers. Once asked by the FSD as to why he didn't chase the money as others did, he simply stated that he wanted to continue to serve his country as he had for 35 years in the United States Navy. Today, the oil boom has slowed slightly but ISN is still challenged with increasing oil activity travel and the associated pressures placed on such a small yet busy airport. Dan is the sole TSO team member with over 2 yrs of experience. As the only "constant" at ISN, Dan has taken on many roles and is considered by all to be its informal leader. Dan is the critical cog in the machine that ensures ISN's functionality, in good spirits, and an airport that has shown vast improvements in most areas regarding screening performance in the last year. Dan is recognized by the Airport Authority as "the man" to go to when things need to get done. A retired Naval officer, Dan is a seasoned leader, with experience, intelligence and one who displays daily a conscientious focus on mission/people. He requires neither supervisory motivation/guidance, and consistently obtains superb results. He provided outstanding operational support as the ISN supply custodian, and takes pride in his meticulous record keeping-- IS has never run short of supplies. Dan's supply room is impeccably maintained with a place for everything and each item in its place -- he is known for running a "tight ship." As ISN's Environmental Management Coordinator (EMC), his duties include Hazmat POC, VAP reporting, aerosol/paper/cardboard recycling. Furthermore he is uniform POC, building security POC, equipment maintenance POC and Safety Officer...to name a few. Dan has received accolades from the HUB for his outstanding method of record keeping and timely monthly uploads. Although Dan is no longer the only “permanent party” employee on station, it is because of his leadership, dedication to mission and his fellow TSOs that ISN's officer retention has remained somewhat steady. Dan's focus and energy inspires the entire ISN workforce to put forth the effort that he does, but also to maintain that level of effort on a consistent basis. Dan was our key officer in the deployment, installation and training of the newly installed Smiths 500 ETDs and Rapiscan X-ray but was also crucial in converting the ISN airport from old L3 X-ray and Itemizer ETD technologies to the new more up to date Rapiscan X-ray and Smiths ETD technologies. Dan sets the example for his peers by maintaining an impeccable personal appearance and is 100% reliable showing up to work even in the most challenging ND winter storms with large snowfalls in the area. Adaptable, polished, and receptive, he is the man to see when a job needs to be completed both effectively and efficiently. While on duty he is continually busy, however, is never too busy to take the time to explain operational procedures and equipment nuances to new NDF Officers or recent new hires. Dan’s honesty, integrity, care for his fellow officer, coupled with his outstanding operational and technical competence, generates immediate confidence in his leadership abilities. A member of this community his entire life, with the exception of his honorable 35 yr Navy career, he is spoken highly of wherever you happen to be within Williston. His service to TSA ND at ISN is an excellent example, albeit inconspicuous, for everyone with whom he associates. Dan is an extremely humble man, never wishes to be put in the spotlight or receive accolades for doing what he considers "just doing his job." He operates with "quiet confidence" and exhibits a command presence typically seen in one more senior in rank. His caring, reliable, supportive, 100% effort,  and dedication to ISN and TSA is above reproach. Dan is most deserving of this Unsung Hero Award distinction at the National level!