Williston Economic Development releases New Strategic Plan

Williston, ND- Williston Economic Development (WED) has released the agency’s “2022-2027 Economic Development Strategic Plan” outlining six new initiatives highlighting key areas for development in Williston. Each initiative section specifies the goals, results, and partners indicated to implementing the initiatives.
WED’s strategic plan went under a huge revamp to ensure WED’s efforts are addressing the changing economic needs of Williston. The initiatives were identified in response to an analysis of the community’s economy and environment. The goal of each initiative is to improve Williston’s business climate and promote the city as welcoming and open for business. The Strategic Plan has a community center focus to promote a high quality of life for businesses and the public.
Below are the six initiatives WED will focus on over the next few years:
Business Attraction, Retention and Expansion
Engaging and assisting Williston’s businesses to come, stay, and grow in Williston will continue to be the primary function of WED and its partners. Business attraction, retention and expansion will benefit the city by growing the economy, amenities, and opportunities. WED’s efforts will be focused on effective marketing, facilitating projects, superior networking, and maintaining an open-door policy. Partnerships with bring exceptional insight, resources, and skills to this initiative.
Quality of Life Development
Our research has shown that Williston lacks ample quality of life amenities that appeal to the younger community. Quality of life and recreational amenities serve a vital role in the development of a local economy to build a sense of place, attract workforce, recruit businesses, and positively shapes perceptions of the community. The focus of this initiative is to increase quality of life amenities that positively affect Williston’s economic growth and image.
Workforce Skills Training
A highly competitive labor market and training requirement has made attracting and retaining reliable workforce a top priority. Workforce dynamics today are shaped by demographic changes that include growing younger workers and fluctuations in Williston’s economic climate. The focus of this initiative is to partner with local, federal, and state entities to assist Williston’s employers’ access to a skilled and reliable workforce, and workers access to training to qualify them for meaningful and well-paying career paths.
Value-Added Corridor Development
Recently Williston has identified value-added industries to further development the community. Value-added industries process raw materials into valuable resources. Partnerships will be critical to planning, implementing, and developing by utilizing different entities resources and knowledge. WED focus on developing a value-added corridor for primary sector industries will increase Williston’s opportunities for economic growth.
Emerging Technology
WED will engage and assist entrepreneurs and innovators in emerging technologies to visit, reside, and expand their businesses in Williston. Williston is a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship as the city aids start-ups, new or evolving businesses from multiple emerging technology industries. Companies come to Williston due to its location within the Bakken area, financial and assistance resources, and open-door policy. This initiative will enhance and promote Williston as a place for innovative business to flourish. Partnerships will play a huge role to ensure collaboration on attracting, retaining, and expanding emerging technologies in Williston.
Marketing and Branding
An essential focus of economic development is marketing and branding as WED provides critical information about the community to legislators, partners, businesses, workforce, and community residents. A strong brand conveys the essence of the community and contributes to successful recruitment and retention. Effective marketing ensures that key message reach and influences their intended audience. WED will update their current marketing plan to maximize effectiveness to attract and retain businesses.
For additional information visit willistondevelopment.com.
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