Art, Photography wanted for City of Williston Beautification Project


Original Art and Photography needed for Traffic Signal Cabinets

You are invited to submit artwork for a city beautification project! Clean Slate Group will turn winning designs into vibrant and graffiti-resistant vinyl wraps. These wraps will transform traffic signal cabinets from 2nd St.W.to26th St.W.into functional art. This is an opportunity to introduce more community art & see your original work displayed publicly. All artwork must correspond with the theme of “Visions of the Region.” Be creative! This is a Leadership Williston project funded by a Community Enhancement Grant from the City of Williston.

Designs must correspond to the theme, “Visions of the Region.”
Artists must be 16 years or older & live within a 50-mile radius of Williston.
Only original artwork is accepted & artists may submit multiple proposals.
Designs do not have to be new - old artwork is accepted!
Proposals may be any form of 2D art, including photography.
Colorful, active designs will receive higher consideration & if the design is to include text, it must be incorporated. In order to prevent vandalism, it is recommended to avoid large open areas.
Designs must not:
Been sold or reproduced in any way. Be offensive or contain representation of traffic signals or signs. Include any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands, images of illegal activity, or involve attaching objects to the cabinets. Advertise or promote business, product, or viewpoint. For examples, visit:

Submission window: April 1- April 30.
Fill out the online submission form: https://willistonstate. 
Upload images to Dropbox  sh/md0xk4qk12ywhqe/AADSfeK8f360Kkuev6k7mx-  s8a?dl=0
Designs must meet these requirements:
Highest-resolution images possible: minimum200 dpi with minimumsize of 16’’ at the design’s widest or tallest point.
Images saved as firstname_lastname_designti- tle_Willistonproject.
Acceptable file types: .jpeg, .tif, .pdf, or .psd.
Be complete.

Submission does not guarantee selection. A group of community members with design input from Clean Slate Group will select winning artwork. Monetary reward is unavailable but public display of artwork & artist recognition on the City of Williston website (for one year) can be offered. 

Contact Caitlin Pallai:                                                                                      

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