Pizza Hut celebrates Ground Breaking of New Restaurant

groundbreaking1Pizza Hut in Williston is getting a new look and location. A ground breaking ceremony was held on Aug. 8 for a new Pizza Hut that will feature a pick-up window for carryout; speedier lunch service and much more!
Russ and DeLonnes Klug, owners of Pizza Hut in Williston and Dickinson, said the current Pizza Hut delivery store and dine-in store will close about the same time the new restaurant opens.
“We are hoping to start construction August 10 and hoping to open at the end of October or early November,” said Russ Klug.
The new state-of-the-art Pizza Hut is being built by Williston-based Ventana Design and Development. The new store will accommodate up to 65 diners and provide an improved working environment for employees.
“The ovens and all the other equipment will be brand new,” said Klug. “We will have much more space and the working conditions will be much better.”
Customers will see a new dining style at noon. Pizza Hut will replace its current noon buffet and salad bar with counter service. Williston is one of only 99 Pizza Huts in the US to offer this new ordering style. Customers will order, customize and pay for their pizza at a counter. The pizzas will be prepared and cooked in about five minutes. The lunch menu will change as well, bringing back some sandwiches and other items, and dinner will be served a bit different as well.
“We will have food runners instead of servers,” said Klug. The food runners will bring your food to you and will also check on you to make sure everything is ok. There will also be a self-serve pop station with tea, condiments and silverware.”
The new store will employ between 50 to 60 workers. Currently the two Pizza Hut locations have a total of 45 employees. Klug said he will begin hiring soon so the entire staff is adequately trained for opening day.

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