Glasgow Brewery considers adding Williston Location

1 Million Cups Williston recently featured a Glasgow business that is considering a second location in Williston.

Ben and Connie Boreson own Busted Knuckle Brewery, a popular gathering place located in Ben’s former radiator shop on Main Street in Downtown Glasgow. Connie explained how they decided to give the longtime garage a new purpose.

“It all started about 7 to 8 years ago with a Mr. Beer kit,” said Connie. “He (Ben) had been a mechanic for 30 years, but he had some success with that Mr. Beer kit.”

As requests for Ben’s craft beers grew, he scaled back his work as a mechanic and eventually closed the radiator shop in 2013. It took eight months of scrubbing and remodeling to convert the 80-year-old shop into a brewery; but the hard work paid off!

The new brew pub pays homage to its past by maintaining a shop-like look and feel; even the names of the ales reflect their history such as Busted Nut Amber, Black Nail Stout, Full Throttle I.P.A. and No Octane Rootbeer Cream Soda.

“It sets the tone for why breweries are so different from bars. We have a brewer who has put his heart and soul into the beer. They are not to be guzzled, they are to be savored and appreciated for all of the detail and effort he has put into them,” Connie mused.

Connie explained how they initially promoted the startup with a Founders Club promotion, pre-selling 50 $100 dollar memberships to supporters in exchange for swag and perks. The Boreson’s other marketing tactics include social media, supporting community causes and offering a Mug of the Month Club in exchange for discounts.

The overall ambiance is a safe place (the lights are always on) which is open until 10 p.m. (at the latest) four days a week. They don’t serve food but a popular local pizza shop delivers exclusively to the pub.

“My feeling of a brewery is really where locals become friends and travelers are no longer strangers,” said Connie.

Connie said they are looking to open a second location in Williston as both of their grown children live in Williston with their families. Connie said they will begin looking for potential properties after they wrap up a major expansion at the original site.

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