STAR Fund helps Entrepreneur Purchase CryoSauna

When a Williston resident was injured in a car accident she tried a new type of cold therapy to treat her whiplash. Cryotherapy was so effective she decided to open her own CryoSauna in Williston!

 Lorren Belakjon, a licensed massage therapist in North Dakota, opened RenZen Massage & Recovery in mid-October in the Full Circle Gym. Belakjon leases one room for massages and a second room for her CryoSauna.

 “Cryotherapy is also known as cold therapy,” said Belakjon. “The CryoSauna converts liquid nitrogen to gas to lower the temperature in the chamber.”

 The temperature in the single person chamber gets well below zero in a matter of minutes. A typical treatment is performed at minus 220 Fahrenhiet for two-three minutes. Benefits may include workout recovery, diet aide, skin conditions and mental clarity.

 “Minus 166 is considered cryogenic for the skin,” said Belakjon. “It’s that initial shock that triggers the body’s natural recovery process.”

 The CryoSauna is a single person chamber used for whole body cryotherapy (excluding your head).  During a session, clients wear minimal protective clothing (gloves, socks, slippers) so the majority of your skin is exposed to cold air. Belakjon recommends a minimum of 10 sessions within the first month to jumpstart the recovery process and achieve the best optimal results.

Belakjon utilized the Williston STAR Fund Mini Match program to purchase her CryoSauna. The Mini Match program provides up to $5,000 for new businesses and child care startups who qualify for the program.

 “The Mini Match is a great program that helps fill a gap for small business entrepreneurs,” said Williston Economic Development executive director Shawn Wenko. “The majority of the projects we have encountered are business ideas that require minimum financing for startup. The Mini Match program is smaller than a business loan, yet just large enough to help make a real difference between success and failure.”

“The mini match helped me pay for the equipment, which is really expensive,” Belakjon said.

 To learn more about cryotherapy visit RenZen’s website, Facebook page or office located inside Full Circle Gym at 301 26th St. W.

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