Funds sought for XWA Indoor Playground Equipment

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Feb. 1, 2019


Barbara Peterson, (701) 577-8110


New Airport Terminal seeks Funds for Indoor Playground, Artwork


The Williston Convention and Visitors Bureau is leading a fund drive to purchase indoor playground equipment and sizeable artwork for the new airport terminal. The group is seeking to raise $2 million by March 31, 2019. The playground and artwork will bump up the overall ambiance of the new Williston Basin International Airport (XWA Project).

“We are utilizing local, state and federal funding to build a $250 million terminal that will be architecturally stunning,” said Williston City Commissioner Deanette Piesik. “We are seeking support from private donors to ensure the inside of the airport is on par with the exterior.”

So far, the fund drive has raised more than $25,000 and one piece of sizable artwork. Piesik is hopeful the art and play area will be ready for the grand opening of the new airport in October 2019.

“Equinor has given us a large bronze ranching sculpture and we have some very generous donations coming in,” Piesik said. “We are confident the public will help us make this a first-class airport.”

The city commissioner encourages other businesses and private art collectors to consider donating or loaning large-scale artwork for the walls and hallways of the new terminal.

“We are organizing an art committee that will seek suitable projects from local artists, Williston State College students and art students at area high schools,” said Piesik. “We are planning to work up a rotation, so we can showcase different types of art throughout the year.”

The indoor playground will also feature a western North Dakota vibe with customized structures and landscapes.

“The playground will create a welcoming, modern place for children to release some of their energy before they board their airplane,” said Piesik.

Cash donations will be accepted through the North Dakota Petroleum Council Foundation and the Northwest North Dakota Community Foundation. Donors are asked to designate gifts to the XWA Project. Anyone interested in donating or loaning large-scaled art may contact the CVB at 701-774-9041.

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