XWA still on track for October Opening

XWA Working Through Delays

Airport Receives Support from City and State Leadership to Stay on Schedule 

Williston, ND – July 19, 2019 – An agreement has been made for the airport to receive weekly shipments of 3,000 tons of cement for paving of the runways and taxiways. Continued efforts are being made by city and state leadership to secure shipments in addition to this current weekly amount.

Rumors have been circling that XWA’s grand opening is to be delayed due to shipment issues with their ce- ment supplier. However, thanks to coordination between city officials and the manufacturer, approximately 3,000 tons per week will be delivered.

While the shipment delay was an unforeseen hiccup, the assistant airport director Ryan O’Rear is confident that they will still open on time, ”Even though there has been that delay, we are still tracking on schedule and all of our other projects are tracking on schedule. So, we should meet that October 10th opening date. The cement is still a challenge, but overall I think we are in good shape.” Since the weekly shipments began, they have made serious progress as they are now only about two lanes away from being complete with the runway.

To further assist the paving crews, Governor Doug Burgum signed an executive order on Tuesday granting a waiver of hours of service requirements for drivers of commercial vehicles transporting cement to assist in the timely completion of infrastructure projects to include the airport project. This 30-day waiver will remain in effect through August 14th. The consistent weekly shipments of 3,000 tons and Governor Burgum’s executive order will keep the paving crews busy and working to finish by their mid-August deadline for the FAA’s runway flight checks.

As for the opening of XWA, there are many events planned at the new facility leading up to October 10th. October 3rd will be the media tour of the facility. Followed by the celebratory event for VIPs the next day which will feature the ceremonial ribbon cutting, private tours, and reception. Finally, October 5th is the public day that will include the fun run on the runway. This day will also be reserved for tours and distribution of promotional items. More information will be released as these dates get closer.

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