STAR Fund allocates $293,000

The Williston City Commission has allocated up to $293,000 from the STAR Fund program for three projects and two programs at its January 14, 2020 meeting. The three projects include a daycare startup, purchase of an apartment building on the Williston State College campus and purchase of the property housing a radio tower.
The commission also approved STAR Fund dollars for the 2020 Mini Match and Child Care Assistance Grant programs. The commission approved up to $150,000 for the Mini Match program which offers a 2:1 match of up to $5,000 for new business startups and up to $10,000 for the Child Care Assistance program which offers up to $1,000 each year for licensed child care providers who renew their North Dakota Child Care License.
The following projects and programs received STAR Fund allocations on Tuesday:
Raelyn Center – up to $10,000 from the Williston STAR Fund Community Build/Growth program to help start a new daycare at the Sand Creek Town Center in Williston.
Williston State College Foundation Housing, LLC – up to $108,000 from the STAR Fund Flex PACE interest buydown program to help purchase an existing apartment building located on the Williston State College campus from Horizon Capital.
Prairie Communications – up to $15,000 from the Community Build/Growth STAR Fund program to help fund the land below the radio tower.
Mini Match Allocation Request – up to $150,000 to fund the 2020 Mini Match program. Mini Match application.
Child Care Assistance Grant Allocation Request – up to $10,000 to fund the 2020 Child Care Assistance program. Child Care Renewal application.
The STAR Fund is administered by a seven-member board. The group meets monthly at the City of Williston Center for Development.

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