Williston Economic Development hires Spring Intern

A Colombia native is joining Williston Economic Development this spring. Twenty-four-year-old Luisa Hoyos started an internship on Friday, March 6. The Williston State College (WSC) student, who is studying business management, is looking forward to the opportunity.
“One day I would like to own my own company so I would like to learn more about city planning,” Hoyos says.
Hoyos moved to Williston three and a half years ago to be with her husband, Arthur Romero, who works for Hess. When she arrived in Williston, she started taking English classes and teaching Spanish classes at the Adult Learning Center (ALC).
The ALC is located on the WSC campus. It provides opportunities for adults to learn, grow and get their GED. The program is funded through a grant from the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction.
“Luisa enrolled in classes at the Adult Learning Center in the Fall of 2016,” says Amanda Piesik, Director for Adult Learning at Williston State College. “She started with English Language (EL) classes for the first year. In 2017, she decided to join the GED program to further her English study and to receive her GED. She finished Spring of 2018 and was able to enroll at Williston State College using the Williams County Scholarship.”
While Hoyos was studying and teaching at the ALC, the staff encouraged her to get her GED, so she could earn free college tuition at WSC.
“They told me if I got my GED I could receive a scholarship to the college. I would like to graduate,” she says.
“GED graduates in Williams County also qualify for this scholarship if they complete their GED at the Williston testing site,” says Piesik.
The Regional County and Williams County scholarships cover tuition and fees for eligible high school graduates and GEDs within ten counties surrounding Williston.
While Hoyos is in college full-time, she is taking a break from teaching Spanish, but still practicing her English. Piesik says she was an admirable Spanish teacher at the ALC.
“She taught both Beginner and Intermediate Spanish and would have fun, real-life activities for her students, like going to a restaurant that has mostly Spanish speakers,” says Piesik. “She was a great asset to the ALC program, and her classes were always full.”
Anyone who would like to learn English as a foreign language may sign up to take the EL classes. Registration is happening now.
“The ALC is having its final registration for classes on March 16 and 17 for GED students and on March 13 for EL students,” says Piesik.
While Hoyos says she misses her hometown of Bogota, Colombia, she has grown to like Williston.
“Williston is tiny, so having a social life is difficult, but it’s a good place to live. I love it here,” she says.
Per the WSC guidelines, Hoyos will intern at Williston Economic Development for a total of 90 hours.
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