WED releases Season 3 of Williston Works Podcast

Williston Economic Development (WED) has announced it is releasing Season 3 of its Williston Works Podcast. The first show in the five-part series was released on Thursday, October 8.  The podcast is hosted by WED Executive Director Shawn Wenko. He says Williston Works helps show investors, developers and small business owners what is really happening in Williston.
“We are into three years of doing this and it has been tremendously successful,” said Wenko. “We have taken people who have just gotten it done and put them on this show and let them tell you for themselves how they’ve started, maintained or expanded a business.”
The first show of Season 3 features Anthony Dudas, Williston Airport Director. This is the second time Dudas has been on the program. Previously Dudas spoke about construction of the new Williston Basin International Airport (XWA) while this year he talked about XWA’s grand opening and first year of operations.
Wenko and Dudas agreed that XWA is vital to community growth in Williston.
“From an economic development standpoint, it’s (XWA) a game changer,” said Wenko. “I say it all of the time, transportation is key. We have to show that we have good quality transportation coming into this market.”
“If we as a City did not either rebuild the old airport in its entirety, or build a new airport, we would no longer have commercial air service,” said Dudas. “That would be detrimental to everything we are trying to accomplish as a community to develop and prosper.”
To watch the first podcast of Season 3 on YouTube visit
The remainder of the podcasts will be released on the following dates:
  • October 22 – Shanna Zaste from Walt’s Market
  • November 3 – Andy Njos from Dacotah West Crane Service
  • November 19 – Anna Denton from Anna’s Groom Room
  • December 3 – Lenny Johnson from Genesis Clothing


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