Williston City Commission approves $157,500 in STAR Fund Incentives

The Williston City Commission has awarded up to $157,500 in STAR Fund incentives to three projects at its meeting on Tuesday, November 10. The projects included Jaeb’s Thai Food, Little Muddy Gifts and Theodore Roosevelt Expressway Association (TRE).
The STAR Fund is funded by Williston’s one cent city sales tax. Twenty-five percent of the sales tax is dedicated to jobs creation and community development while seventy-five percent is for infrastructure debt relief.
Keith Olson, Regional Director of the Small Business Development Center in Williston worked with the owners of the restaurant and gift shop.
“Jaeb’s Thai Food started as a food truck and they saw an opportunity to expand to a permanent location,” Olson said. “They are going to provide takeout and delivery at the former Pizza Hut delivery location and possibility offer dine-in service in the future.”
Meanwhile, Little Muddy Gifts is getting new owners. Joanna Billings and Mikayla Murphy are purchasing the gift shop from Dana Johnson and the commission continued its STAR Fund support for TRE.
“The leadership of the City of Williston and the STAR Fund is instrumental in supporting the mission of the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway Association and the Ports to Plains Alliance. The goal is building 4-lane infrastructure for the entire corridor (from Mexico to Canada),” said Cal Klewin, Executive Director of the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway Association.
The following projects and programs received STAR Fund allocations at the City Commission meeting on Tuesday, November 10:
Jaeb’s Thai Food – up to $25,000 from the Flex PACE Interest Buydown program to purchase a building for takeout and delivery.
Little Muddy Gifts - up to $7,500 from the Flex PACE Interest Buydown program to purchase a gift shop located in Downtown Williston.
Theodore Roosevelt Expressway – up to $125,000 over five years from the Community Build/Growth program to help fund ongoing efforts to four-lane US Highway 85 across North Dakota
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