Northern Plains UAS Test Site conducts Demo Flights  in Williston

GRAND FORKS, ND – The Northern Plains UAS Test Site (NPUASTS) will be conducting demonstration flights with Volansi’s VOLY C10 in Williston, ND on Wednesday, November 18th at the hangar at the former Sloulin Field International Airport, AKA Williston Square, from 10am-12pm, weather permitting.
Vantis, North Dakota’s unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) network, will enable drone flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in McKenzie and Williams counties, with additional locations to cover the entire state once the key site has been validated. Part of that validation includes extensive testing of the network. Earlier this year, the VOLY C10 was selected through a competitive RFP to test installed network components, perform use-case development flights, ensure safety and reliability of the network, and help NPUASTS set the standard requirements for any aircraft seeking to fly on the network.
This flight demonstration will be the first time NPUASTS has flown the VOLY C10 in North Dakota, although it will not be on the Vantis network, which is still being built out. “We’re excited to get the VOLY C10 in the air, and to make some connections with local leaders,” said Nicholas Flom, executive director of NPUASTS. “We continue to move forward towards achieving this first-of-its-kind, world-class BVLOS network, right here in North Dakota.”
Expected speakers include Nicholas Flom and representatives from Williston and Watford City. Media are invited to the demonstration. Local officials, representatives from Volansi, and members of the NPUASTS Vantis team will be in attendance.
City of Williston officials are excited about the industry’s future in western North Dakota.
“Vantis demonstrates the untapped “opportunity potential” in western North Dakota,” said Shawn Wenko executive director of Williston Economic Development. “Unmanned Aerial Systems and Beyond Visual Line of Site will be commonplace across the globe someday. But today, North Dakota is the leader. Vantis is happening and the first phase is going up in western North Dakota. I couldn’t be more excited for the potential this will bring to our area.”
“We’re very excited to welcome Northern Plains UAS to western North Dakota!” said David Tuan, administrator for the City of Williston. “The potential for economic and industry growth in Williston comes at an opportune time and we couldn’t be happier about showcasing Williston Square as a launching pad for unmanned test flights.”
About the Northern Plains UAS Test Site
The Northern Plains UAS Test Site is one of seven Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) unmanned aircraft system (UAS) test sites in the nation. The mission of the NPUASTS is to collaborate with FAA and industry partners to develop systems, rules, and procedures to safely integrate unmanned aircraft into the National Airspace System without negatively impacting existing general or commercial aviation.
About Vantis
Vantis is North Dakota’s statewide unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) network, the first of its kind in the nation. Created by North Dakota with an initial investment in 2019, Vantis provides turnkey support to commercial and public UAS operators through infrastructure and regulatory approvals allowing applications and usability over a variety of industries. Visit for more information.


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