Williston City Commission approves 18 Community Enhancement Grants

The Williston City Commission has approved 18 Community Enhancement (CE) grant applications totaling $50,000 at its meeting on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.
The CE program is part of the Williston STAR Fund. Each year, up to $50,000 is allocated to nonprofit groups and projects. The chairman of the STAR Fund advisory board said the program helps improve Williston’s quality of life

“The Williston STAR Fund recently allocated $50,000 in community enhancement grants to 18 different local businesses and nonprofits,” said Rob Shannon. “We feel that these recipients are invested in our community and will continue to improve our quality of life in the Williston trade area.”

The STAR Fund advisory board administers the CE program. The board reviewed and scored 22 applications totaling $122,500 in requests in mid-January. The 2021 applications were far-reaching, ranging from sports and recreational activities to personal protective equipment (PPE) purchases.

Williston Economic Development executive director Shawn Wenko said the 2021 projects are located throughout the Williston trade area.

“Funds were not limited to projects located in the City of Williston. Several communities in our trade area benefited as well. The Community Enhancement program is a great way for us to say thank you to our surrounding communities for supporting Williston,” said Wenko.

The following organizations and projects received CE grants:

  1. Family Crisis Shelter                                        $4,200
Crisis shelter support     
  1. Williston Council on the Aging $5,000
NW Dakota Public Transit upgrades  
  1. Nexus Foundation for Family Healing (PATH) $2,500
Foster home recruitment and retention program    
  1. Fort Union Cooperating Agency                    $2,500
Updates to equipment    
  1. Williston Police Department                              $3,000
Annual events such as national night out, bike rodeo, safety talks, etc.
  1. Upper Missouri Health District $2,000
Safe seats program, PPE assistance    
  1. Family Bridges and Exchange Center $2,500
Support for supervised visit center     
  1. Save the Maah Daah Hey $2,000
Trail maintenance
  1. Western North Dakota Honor Flight                     $4,800       
Program assistance
  1. Williston Sea Lions Swim Club $3,000
Touch pad purchase       
  1. One Million Cups           $2,000
Monthly entrepreneur meetings
  1. Wildrose Golf Association                              $4,000
Conversion of sand greens to artificial turf  
  1. Crosby Country Club                                        $2,500
Course upgrades  
  1. Badlands Gymnastic Club                              $2,500
Meet support       
  1. McKenzie County Healthcare LTC Benefit Fund $2,500
Adaptive technology for long term patients 
  1. MonDak Gymnastics Support Group $2,500
Program assistance and expansion     
  1. Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church           $1,500
Water source upgrade    
  1. Williston Trinity Christian School                    $1,000
Assist with PPE purchase to continue full-time classes    
     Total 2021 Community Enhancement Allocation        $50,000


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