Compare the true cost of travel from the Williston Basin International Airport versus driving Minot, Bismarck or Billings.



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Input Your Airfare ($)
{{calculator.distance.mot * calculator.mileage | currency}}
{{calculator.distance.bis * calculator.mileage | currency}}
{{calculator.distance.bil * calculator.mileage | currency}}
Travel Time
{{calculator.distance.mot / 65 * calculator.hourly | currency}}
{{calculator.distance.bis / 65 * calculator.hourly | currency}}
{{calculator.distance.bil / 65 * calculator.hourly | currency}}
How Many Days Parking?
Estimated Total Cost
{{'xwa') | currency}}
{{'mot') | currency}}
{{'bis') | currency}}
{{'bil') | currency}}

1. Enter the fare you have found from XWA as well MOT, BIS and/or BIL.

2. Enter the number of days you will be parking.

3. Customize your results by adjusting the value of your time, mileage rate, and parking costs.

Mileage based on {{calculator.distance.mot}} miles round-trip to Minot, {{calculator.distance.bis}} miles round-trip to Bismarck and {{calculator.distance.bil}} miles round-trip to Billings at the 2021 IRS rate of {{calculator.mileage | currency}}/mile. Travel time assumes an average speed of 65 miles per hour and is valued at {{calculator.hourly | currency}}/hr. Parking rates are based on ${{calculator.parking.xwa}}/day for 1-6 days (free on the 7th day) at XWA, ${{calculator.parking.mot}}/day for 1-6 days (free on the 7th day) at MOT.

Change these values

Calculator Options
Enter Mileage Value (default {{calculator.mileage | currency}}):
Enter Hourly Rate (default 20.00):
Distance in roundtrip miles between airports:
Minot (Default 280 miles):
Bismarck (Default 440 miles):
Billings (Default 770 miles):
Enter Daily Parking Rates:
XWA (default $10.00):
MOT (default $12.00):
BIS (default $8.00):
BIL (default $9.00):

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